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Release Survivors coop Zombies 2013
Host Settings Notes

2) Please do not change the server name.
3) You can Add your clan name using the dvar provided in the config given below.
4) You can change the Place where you host the server using the dvar provided in the config given below.

Your Server name format should look something like this:
[ClanName]-Survivors-Coop-Zombies-[Area of Origin]
Refer to the config for your ClanName and Area of Origin and set it accordingly.


More Details
as the instruction above says, do things like this way:
1) set the custom dvars for your prefix which is hereby refer to as "[clanname]"
2) set the custom dvar for your suffix which is hereby refer to as "[Area of Origin]"
sv_hostname = setting it different will not work and will always be "Survivors-coop-zombies" - this is to avoid mix names in the server list so when you wanna play this mod you will always end up of the server with the name "Survivors-coop-zombies".

Ghi_Clanname = your clan name here
eg: set Ghi_clanname "[Repz]"
Ghi_Placeoforigin = "Europe-Italy"
eg; set Ghi_Placeoforigin "[Europe-Italy]"

using the above settings will make your server look like this:
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  • d0h!
The mod has been pushed to its Final Edition for version 1

Quote:Final changelogs for version 1
1) added random preparatory notice at the end of wave intermission.
2) Added pulse effect at intermission counter.
3) Added Deathsound effects after wave intermission countdown.
4) rearranged huds.
5) fixed the zombie guns being spawned in wrong animation type and suite type.
6) fixed zombie guns being sometimes placed at the zombies butt.
7) fixed zombie guns being sometimes floating in front of them.
8) removed "killed by" card display.
9) fixed minimap disappearing after killing a zombie.
10) zombies now move to players smoothly, no more annoying pause in movement.
11) revised animation switch and zombies speed according to their random animation type.
12) zombies that do not have deathAnims are now fixed.
13) much faster zombie spawning system. this fixes the zombie that takes too long to spawn in the last alive zombie
14) zombies will rove around in certain radius when no player is sighted... no more just standing there and animate without moving to.
15) added "killed zombieclient" notice hud in the lower left corner.
16) added "zombieclient spawned" notice hud at the lower left corner.
17) added fire sound at the store crates.
18) Fixed Armory doors prices that opens even you've got no money...
19) added hint messages to teleporter and teleporter charger of highrise map.
20) Made it 2 different difficulties: Easy and Hard (type in Ghi_hardMode 0 or 1) 1 = hard, 0 = easy. the default value is easy since it seems hard for the users.
21) you'll get marathon and fast reload perks in easy mode.
22) restriction for other gametypes have been removed - Note that the Co-op Revive system works for all gametypes. The game will automatically reset to Free-for-all upon map_restart.
23) zombies now chase faster. in other word much harder specially when you set the difficulty to hard.
The mod has been updated to version 2013.

changelogs can be found inside the rar file. although it might not been updated as much as how many things I updated the mod. I'd already forgotten what I'v updated since its been updated months ago and just decided to release the 2013 version today.


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