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[Request] Modded Zombies Kinodertoten Request
Hi, i am The6thMessenger, and i am a writer. Pleased to meet you.

I humbly ask for a mod of Zombies Kino-der-toten, with the weapons and the player statistics.

- Player will have x2 hit points; 4 hits to down, 10 with juggernog.
- Quick-revive is unlimited.
- All existing ammo-pool will have 2x the ammo capacity; say you have an Olympia; 2/38, it will now be 2/76. But frag grenades will have 10 ammo.

And a few modded weapons

- Tomahawk can be bought for 400 points with 5 ammo at the wall beside the Stakeout Shotgun.

- Semtex can be bought for 300 points with 5 ammo at the wall beside the M16.

- Olympia Pack-a-punch will shoot dragon's breath and at the same time 20 pellets 360 damage each.

- Kiparis can be bought off the wall at the lower hall beside the mystery-box spawning point. 20/180 ammo pool, deals 150 - 80 each shot.
- Kiparis pack-a-punch is dual-wield with 60-rd capacity each, with 420 ammo pool, and deals 200 - 120 each shot. Spread is simmilar to Stake-out shotgun.

Name; Rock and Roll

- M14 will have a 20/180 ammo capacity
- M14 Pack-a-Punch will have a 40/360 ammo capacity

- Famas Pack-a-Punch would have an underbarrel Flamethrower with 100% + 10 Fuel Tank ammo. Each "Shot" will deal 500 damage in line. and will only eat up 2% at each "Shot".

- AUG can be bought at the back-room.
- AUG pack-a-punch will have a 45 round capacity, master-key will have 12-pellets dealing 300 each.

- Add Death Machine - can be bought off the wall for 3000 points; at the side of the frag grenade on the projector room. same stats of the power-up but instead will have a 999 ammo pool and deals 500 damage at all ranges. (I don't like the powerup version in Five, and i prefer the death-machine to be a longterm weapon that can be pack a punched)

- Death Machine Pack-a-Punch would have 9999 ammo, 0.01 fire-rate (160 shots/s; 6000RPM), no fire spread, and + 50% MS. Deals 1000 at all ranges. + High mobility

Name; Ultimate Death Machine

- Add Walther 2000 that can be bought at the wall for 2250 Points; at the alley next to the double-tap machine. (i really really love this sniper rifle, and i was disappointed that this weapon never reached the zombie mode)

- Walther 2000 Pack-a-punch, will have a 12-round magazine; ACOG, a really small spread (python-like spread). Ammo Pool 12/180. can penetrate maximum of 24 target. 10x head, 3x chest, 3x leg + High mobility

Name; Planet Cracker.

- M60 will be added at the mystery box; 100/400 ammo pool and deals 200 damage each shot.
- M60 pack-a-punch will allow each shot to be fired to have 5 pellets that deals the same damage, One pellet will always have 0 spread and will go to the center of the crosshair, 200/800 ammo pool, and reflex sight.

Name; Samantha's Revenge

Thank you and have a good day ^_^
You do know you can't change official maps right? And there is no radiant for it. Unless someone can dump the d3dbsp.ents file and add it manually which is hella annoying.
Do not take life too seriously. You will never get out of it alive.
[Image: UGPjFJa.jpg]
This is what I call a request...

Thanks Barata...
Don't worry if things aren't the way you planned, in the end everything will solve itself...
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