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Release Granny's Zombies 1.5b (The Last Update)
Well I've fixed it a little bit, I don't think anyone would use this, MW2 is dead anyway.

This fix includes:
Menu lag/bug/delay text
Small overflows that are so hard to get (no WAY to get overflow thx nukem)
Random damage was fail.. epic fail, no longer

Stuff added:
I added cool effects to few maps, like ghost-smoke to derail (idk) and lol forgot
Different view as spectator/when game ends
Maybe something small that I forgot but whatever I don't really care MW2 died

I also don't want many people to know about this update... just have fun with it in case you will ever host again lol


P.S. for those who don't know GZ = Granny's Zombies

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.rar   GZFinal.rar (Size: 145.41 KB / Downloads: 612)
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I'll check this out when I get on my PC
Why do I always get "Security problem on host - disconnecting for safety" error when a zombie dies/explode?
I get the security error too.

Makes this unplayable.
How to install

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