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Modern, Advanced, Infinite and then Omega
03 May 00:38
Also hopefully the steal the good parts of Shattered Horizon (and if you can actually fly space ships: steal from Freelancer and/or Elite Dangerous) so the gameplay finally changes as well and won't be the same as the previous 6 CoD's
02 May 20:58
(or, seeing as many devs left IW over the years: they hacked better graphics in that result in 10FPS on 4K with a quad SLI setup of GTX980Ti's)
02 May 20:55
I also must say that the trailer at least looks somewhat decent. If the game looks like the trailer they finally really updated something on the engine.
02 May 20:55
@AZUMIKKEL trailer is probably recorded on an Xbone. Pick between full HD, or 30+ fps (no joke, some games recently got this as an update). Shitty console peasants.
02 May 20:54
Finally an interesting setting again. I was a little bit tired off all the modern warfare/slightly near future warfare shit.
02 May 20:53
But it has the original Kalashnikov!
02 May 19:11
also that trailer has fps drops, gg
02 May 18:57
Infinite + 1?
02 May 16:21
What's the next step from Infinite?
02 May 15:26
Modern > Advanced > Infinite
02 May 15:25
COD: MW Remastered comes the same day as CODIW, will feature the full campaign, better effects, physics based rendering, better textures, but only the half of original MP maps (10 instead of 20)
02 May 14:14
02 May 11:46
official is out, it is the same
02 May 11:44
02 May 11:24
COD: IW trailer below
02 May 09:52
02 May 09:51
when entering threads from the latest posts the #pid scrolls the page halfway down the thread small thing but ey
30 Apr 22:30
Yeah I agree that nginx is better, just not feasible to switch as other hosted sites on this server are not under my control and I don't want to get all the bs to eventually convert everything for everyone else.
29 Apr 13:00
at the firm, we are hosting few production sites driven by php and since we switched to php7, which has x64 support, and nginx, you can really tell the difference
29 Apr 12:31

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