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[Release] FXAA Injector Battlefield 3+Best Settings [Update danoc1 v1.3 Beta]
[Image: 521282d1329691350-fxaa-injector-danoc1-f...danoc1.jpg]


Version: v1.3 beta danoc1 (performance)
- B2K maps optimized
- Contrast adjusted
- Improved color
- Optimized weather effect> color and lighting of sunlight and clouds
- Areas with no additional lighting darker
- Minimum blue cast removed
- Sharpness optimized
- FXAA SHADER optimized
- Improved performance (cfg)

Comparing FXAA
[Image: 521222d1329676570-fxaa-injector-danoc1-f...gleich.jpg]
[Image: z5CHoqIP3p.png]

My/Best Settings For BF3 Using v1.3 Beta performance (Nvidia 560Ti)
Right click desktop, open Nvidia Control Panel
Use these settings
[Image: lN4ECzjnKR.png]
Go ingame and use these settings
[Image: ExwMo8YxwW.png]

Preview Video:

Download with performance = with a user.cfg that will boost your fps/game
PRO TIP: change Max rendered frames to 3
and change HBAO to SSAO
and Antialliassing Post to low
I got ~70 FPS Stable now with the injector

Attached Files
.rar   FXAA Injector danoc1 v1.3 Beta performance.rar (Size: 77.88 KB / Downloads: 2,932)
.rar   FXAA Injector danoc1 v1.3 Beta.rar (Size: 77.8 KB / Downloads: 1,223)
[Image: 9824]
this looks nice! also I recommend changing antialiasing post to low
will install this weekend Awesome
I've used it for over a few months now and i Heart it
[Image: gerosbi1.png]

[Image: EliteDriverCY.png]
@EliteDriver No.
wow nice tool Big Grin. will test it tomorrow with my b2k :p
this tools make like reduce the lag or wat?
It's a color corrector. It makes the game look different in a better way. Just install it and you'll see.
(it takes away 1-3 frames though)
i install it and its pretty good...but is see too much red i think!! :p
[Image: gerosbi1.png]

[Image: EliteDriverCY.png]
i think the same the original have better COlors XD
Colours look good, but this ruins text. My text is so rough after installing this. I would leave it on if it didn't have such an affect on reading what is on my screen.

A fix would be good.

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