Do you think its good with anticheats like VAC and TAC?
Yes, It cleans the game from cheaters and makes it much more fun! Im not afraid of getting banned since I never would use cheats.
No, It limits the modding of the game so we cant have any fun with it!
noBoth yes and . I dont want cheaters to come to a public match to ruin the fun, but Id still want to make mods and stuffs for the game without risking a ban..
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Cant use COD Tools in maya 2013!
Hello, I cant for some reason not use COD Tools in maya 2013 to export my models. If i try to export it says the plugin is not loaded. If I try to load the plugin, it says //Error line 1 (XmodelExporter). Im using Maya 2013 x64. I tried the x64 plugin version but then openmaya.dll gets some procdurestartadress error. Can any1 help me with this?
I am not sure if it will even work. Treyarch should update this. You can try Maya 2012, it works fine.


You can try this:
C++/Obj-C developer. Neko engine wip
Steam: Click

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