Poll: Would you like to compile bsp into your mods?
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Oh yeah. then i could edit maps in single/zombies or multiplayer.
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Oh No, i dont do modding like that. i only want mods for multiplayer wich does not include a whole map in it :S.
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Compiling BSP with mod tools linker_pc
As you all know we cant compile bsp into our mods. We ge this error:
(!) UNRECOVERABLE ERROR: Com_LoadBsp: Not allowed at this time!
I seen words that people knows how to "hack" the linker_pc to make it able to compile the bsp. I want that linker. Give me the linker please. It would also solve my problem with singleplayer mods. And i could make another thread how i would do to make a singleplayer mod. Please help.
Of course I would like it. But it's never going to happen. The "hacked" one never fully worked anyway.
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(01-27-2013, 09:55)Pozzuh Wrote: Of course I would like it. But it's never going to happen. The "hacked" one never fully worked anyway.

It would work.

Since treyarch fixed usermaps folder, we need to patch client.
I did it - http://www.itsmods.com/forum/Thread-Tuto...-Maps.html , but this method isn't working anymore : (

P.S There are no problems with singleplayer mods, it's easy to make.
Why creating problems from nothing?
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What u mean theres no problem with singleplayer mod? I was thinking i could extract an ff file and recompile it but it wont let me compile the bsp. you cant get a new hacked linker_pc and upload it?
U cant run difrend map anymore... Its blocked Smile alredy tryed it worked 1 month after mod tools realsed... I compiled map in Waw linker and run it but bsp wasnt same format.... but now totaly u cant run it Smile It says like "u didnt buy this map..." or somthing like that...

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