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Release MW3 ChromatiX 2.2.1 [Texture Hack with Installer and Additional Features] - Steam/aIW
(04-13-2012, 18:32)thoren Wrote: This is a cheat, nothing else to tell about this!

y u so butthurt?
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  • DidUknowiPwn
Works like charm and no ban so far. What 'bout for mw2? Found 2 topic here. Are they save to use nowadays and witch one you recommend?
http://www.itsmods.com/forum/Thread-Text...ck-V8.html or http://www.itsmods.com/forum/Thread-Cust...-Team.html
YOU SIR DESERVE $ for your excellent WORK!!
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One question buddie, Can enemies see my killcam with the textures or witohout the textures?
(05-13-2012, 14:43)JadellahxFactor Wrote: One question buddie, Can enemies see my killcam with the textures or witohout the textures?

nope only u can. if enemies can see what u see then no point in using it lol
Been using this for months, in HTDM you can play like 35-3 with this easily.
On the other side, I played Hardcore HQ with this on 109-56.
Thats a 2 to 1 k/d ratio, which is supposed to be still normal.
My point ; This is not a hack, far from it. The real hackers don't even die, when you see them you're 99% too late (only Yariz beats em). Hackers have Wallhack, Aimbot, Names through walls, Grenade indicators and all kinds of things not build-in the game.

These texture packs use the resources that come with the game.
It changes the colours, which make your reaction faster, because you see the bright red, blue, pink colours way faster than the standard camo colours by mw3.

* In addition to your reports your getting now Dumb Bitch, You will get more reports for using this. Fuu
* Because your faster, making more kills and see more than the others, you're so to speak ; "Standing straight up in the middle of the desert".
* If you're making kills trough the grey silky cloth on Dome, you are likely to get banned sooner, because it's "impossible with a normal cfg". Undecided
* Same way goes with screenshots, if you make them with this on, it will show up, and most likely when steam support will review your account (because you'll get reported a lot...) you have a higher risk of getting banned too. Rolleyes

I didn't use the Golden gun thingy or Fov changer, no experience there.

I do know... if you inject x22, CH or mess with your .exe your instantly vac-banned. Your game will exit itself right away and you're unable to connect to online services. Experience. Okay

Use with sense and brain. Then you're fine. Like a sir
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Quote:On the other side, I played Hardcore HQ with this on 109-56.
Thats a 2 to 1 k/d ratio, which is supposed to be still normal.
That's not a 2to1 ratio it's actually 1.94642857 Troll
Do not take life too seriously. You will never get out of it alive.
[Image: UGPjFJa.jpg]
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DidUknowiPwn Orly ORLY? Okay. Big Grin
Well, to give an update, still clear of any VAC bans, but use it with sense and play the new maps without this first to know where bushes / and other objects are.

Play with a clear mind, and don't shoot trough objects that are there without this texture pack.

Anyway... ye, stay safe. Me Gusta
Been using this texture mod for a very very long time. Had it setup perfect and like a dumbass i changed it.

I'm having two problems... cant see throught scopes and no red dot and trees and huge gray blocks that i cant see through. Any ideas what im doing wrong? Thanks
been trying to install this but it dosnt work

i think the problem is because i have multiple mw3's on my comp (steam and teknomw)
so i thought if i moved mw3 to another hard drive and then tryed to install it wouldnt detect the path but i have never been so wrong.

so any idea's on how could i install it on the mw3 i want?

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