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Release MW3 SP Hack v 0.0.1
MW3 SP Hack by @Dude

[Image: a2e48642a36b.png]


  • 01. God Mode
  • 02. No clip
  • 03. Super Jump
  • 04. Super Speed
  • 05. No gravity
  • 06. Uln. Equipement Ammo
  • 07. Uln. Offhand Ammo
  • 08. Uln. Primary Ammo
  • 09. Uln. Secondary Ammo
  • 10. Set Primary Weapon
  • 11. Set Secondary Weapon
  • 12. Primary Weapon Akimbo
  • 13. Secondary Weapon Akimbo
  • 14. Full Bright
  • 15. Full Night
  • 16. Field Of View
  • 17. AntiLeech bot Troll
  • 18. Leech bot Troll
  • 19. Linear cryptography

Release It'sMods only
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Attached Files
.rar   Sp Hack by Dude v 0.0.1.rar (Size: 1.01 MB / Downloads: 455)
[Image: One_Man_Army_Bag_render_MW2.PNG]

the fuck is it "Linear cryptography"
Now you can see how "Multiplayer Game *ucking" leeching it.
C++/Obj-Cdeveloper. Neko engine wip
Steam: Click

(03-31-2014, 17:45)SailorMoon Wrote: the fuck is it "Linear cryptography"
you hate cryptography? whyyy it good protect for n3wF@GS LOL
(03-31-2014, 17:45)SailorMoon Wrote: Now you can see how "Multiplayer Game *ucking" leeching it.
(04-17-2014, 06:28)GhosT Wrote: Can you get banned from this?
(04-17-2014, 08:48)GhosT Wrote: Hey, can you also add an aimbot to it?
Yes. I must to create hook (in c++ ) not in c#...
[Image: One_Man_Army_Bag_render_MW2.PNG]

Quote:can you make the aimbot without injections?
[Image: One_Man_Army_Bag_render_MW2.PNG]

(04-17-2014, 18:21)Dude Wrote:
Quote:can you make the aimbot without injections?

Yes you can...

BTW: [Image: UwQisDa.jpg]

Thanks Barata...
Don't worry if things aren't the way you planned, in the end everything will solve itself...

My friend recorded this a long time ago:

Thanks to @master131 and @Nukem and all the others at the release...

I MIGHT release this again...

Thanks Barata...
Don't worry if things aren't the way you planned, in the end everything will solve itself...

#7 MW3 single player and would like to use this but it just won't work....using windows 8.1

Nothing happend when I click it. Im using Win 7

sorry it not work now.
It stop work on 18 april 2014.
I used a trial version CryptoObfuskator LOL...
Administrators please move to archive section.
[Image: One_Man_Army_Bag_render_MW2.PNG]

Too bad

This thread has been moved to the boards archive.
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