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Texture Hack V8
Craig87 - Texture Hack V8

Coloured Textures:
Team1 - Red
Team2 - Blue
Riot - Green
Sniper - Pink
Weapons: Yellow

Transparent Textures:
HUD Blood & Dirt

Read the Installation.txt for instructions on how to use these textures. It does work. If you put files in the wrong archives, it wont work.

Any Problems?
Go to steam
Right click on MW2
Click Properties
Click Local Files Tab
Verify Integrity of Game Cache
Now add the textures

I used a video tag which I shouldn't do. I should just post the URL to the video. Now I learnt from my mistakes and I will now edit my post to fix this.

Attached Files
.zip   v8Textures-Craig87.zip (Size: 470.3 KB / Downloads: 289)
.zip   PakScape.zip (Size: 103.19 KB / Downloads: 152)
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Nice gj I love textures
v8Textures-Craig87.zip (Size: 470.3 KB / Downloads: 4)
PakScape.zip (Size: 103.19 KB / Downloads: 8)

What is what pls explain =)
SteamID: GeKKoFL0X
Press THX Button if u like what i do LoL!
you can use pakscape to unpack and view iwd files
You can just download the modded iwd's at http://texturehacks.com/mw2

Makes it a bit easier.
Where is texurehack v9 for black ops?
i dont understand why you have to make souch cheap hacks public,

this is not very cool, learn to play.

or make a mod, that every player has the same advantages.

playing with some kind of hack is just nooby and you will never learn anything.

so please if you really wanna be good make a MOD!!!
i h8 n00bh4(k3rZ
lol compare texture hacks with a mod? makes no sense to me

why do you complain about it if you hate it?
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