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TomBMX IPAK exporter 1.1 (export texture files)
[Image: feNbh.png]

Tool that can export ipaks to DDS and TGA files.
In normal language: It extracts the textures from the IPAK files in /zone/
  • Supports normals
  • Supports a huge amount of DDS formats such as
  • Filenames! (only this tool has this)
    • A8BGR8
    • BGR8
    • DXT1
    • DXT3
    • DXT5
  • Several commandline features (see below) such as prefixes, logs and more

Quote:===== Tom Crowley Bo 2 iPak Exporter =====

Site: http://www.tom-bmx.com
version: 1.0

If you wish to redistribute this program do so by linking to the original download link.

Note: Setting the export folder to one that is on a diffrent HDD to the ipak will
help improve export speed, since this program is mainly IO bound.

(man) -f The iPack file to export
(opt) -o OutputDir (Directory will be created if not present)
(opt) -n Exports Normal Maps
(opt) -u If .dds / .tga exist in Output folder it's updated
(opt) -a Disables the AI file update override
(opt) -p Prefix files with Format Name
(opt) -d Logs and displays texture dimensions

You can also drop a iPak directly onto the exe to load it.

Normal Maps:

Normal maps are not exported by default since not everyone wants them, plus the program decompresses
them on the fly to 32-but TGA meaning some normal maps will be 16mb in size. Leading to a large
amount of HDD space been used for normal maps.

If you wish to export normal maps use the -n flag

Flag -u

This flag turns off the programs file checking system to see if the file already exsists before exporting.
Use this flag if you have editing a texture and want to update it with the original.

Leaving this off is useful though since if you have exported the iPak to the same directory previously
And just want to get retrive files you have deleted the export will complete much quicker.

Flag -a

Disables the programs AI that will decided if file exsists checks should be turned off to help increased export

Flag -p

File names are prefixed with the internal formats name.

For example: DXT5_636064646.dds

Flag -d

Turns on the image dimension logging system which displays a report after export showing what size textures this iPak contains.


Quote:Version 1.1
  • IWI Name linker
  • DXT5 alpha removal system
  • Supports Cube maps (DDS)
  • Fixed bug in RGBA dds header
  • DLC ipak's supported
- @TwoPumpChump (aka tom_bmx)


If you like his work you can donate or +rep
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"iPack" as far as I know Apple didn't create Call of Duty saga Tongue
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  • JariZ
lol but why are you releasing it
LOL? I though I reserved the ipak modding tools making for me Sad

And I bet it doesnt work for cubic maps, and it doesnt read iwi flag.
(12-12-2012, 00:52)kokole Wrote: LOL? I think I reserved the ipak modding tools making for me Sad

Ya too slow... Troll

Thanks Barata...
Don't worry if things aren't the way you planned, in the end everything will solve itself...
Btw you did the decompression by yourself also? HMMMMMM
@kokole He already finished this weeks before you even started. (just didn't make it public yet, like a lot of his tools)

(12-11-2012, 23:18)rotceh_dnih Wrote: lol but why are you releasing it

He didn't himself and it was already out for quite some time, if he still wants to I can take down this thread.
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  • barata, kokole, OrangePL
I made this tool over a week ago before doing .cfg / string and xmodel dumps from BO 2.

I just delay release so that I have time to use the files myself since I'm a modder also, the ipak only took like 2-3 hrs to do it's not that complex.

When I told hector 'rotceh_dnih' that I done ipak he linked me to your topic saying you also trying, but at that time you where still working out how the tables works etc..

(12-12-2012, 00:52)kokole Wrote: And I bet it doesnt work for cubic maps, and it doesnt read iwi flag.

Huh? my tool exports 21,369 images, only 9 in total don't convert to dds / tga.
and the ones that don't are like 1920x1080 images with a different format which is just not worth reversing for 9 images.
[-] The following 4 users say Thank You to TwoPumpChump for this post:
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I will release a update soon witch will export the images with names instead of numbers:

[Image: 20121215-65s-81kb.png]
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Do not take life too seriously. You will never get out of it alive.
[Image: UGPjFJa.jpg]

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