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[Release] Export models from Call Of Duty : Black Ops
Another tutorial this night, Just because it's possible.
It has 2 things you can choose from, with or without textures
The one with textures is a little more advanced then the one without.


  1. Download the fixed Xmodel Exporter (download this even if you've already downloaded it)

    .rar   Xmodel Exporter.rar (Size: 262.79 KB / Downloads: 1,165)

  2. Start xmodel exporter, choose as folder 'black ops\raw\xmodel'
  3. Wait for it to load
  4. Choose any file you like
  5. Expand Surfaces
    [Image: QLUNe.png]
  6. Hit Export .MA
  7. Goto blackops\raw\obj
  8. open filename.ma
  9. You got a perfect file with tags and everything (but no textures)
    [Image: nCIX1.png]


  1. Run my black ops ripper to get all textures in black ops [REQUIRED]
  2. Download the fixed Xmodel Exporter (download this even if you've already downloaded it)

    .rar   Xmodel Exporter.rar (Size: 262.79 KB / Downloads: 1,165)

  3. Start xmodel exporter, choose as folder 'black ops\raw\xmodel'
  4. Wait for it to load
  5. Choose any file you like
  6. Create a new folder on your desktop
  7. Expand 'surfaces'
    [Image: QLUNe.png]
  8. Click export OBJ to...
  9. Choose the folder on your desktop
  10. Click ok, browse to the folder
  11. Copy converter.bat and iwitodds.exe from the xmodel exporter folder to the folder on your desktop
  12. Start converter.bat (the copied one, not the one in the xmodel exporter folder)
    [Image: 1OKuS.png]
  13. If all went well it should have looked like that
  14. Go back to your xmodel converter and press export .MA
  15. Go to blackops\raw\obj
  16. Open filename.ma
  17. Window > Rendering editors > Hypershade > tab 'textures'
  18. Now here comes the fun part
  19. No just kidding this part sucks
  20. Do what this awesome picture says
    [Image: bh0FC.png]
  21. As the awesome picture says, use files with the current format:
  22. If you do this for every texture, you got a perfect model Awesome
    which you can use for porting models to older call of duty's/other games
    [Image: eIUfv.png]

Kind of weird that you used that model lol

But still, awesome tutorial
[Image: MaEIQ.png]
Damn, i thought that thing was gone after BO. Now it's even possible to put in MW3 Sad
Very usefull for modify original multiplayer body !

EDIT: Now, i know how to make skybox Big Grin
Thanks Heart
Doesn't work with t5_veh_rcbomb_allies ;(
(08-10-2011, 12:58)Pozzuh Wrote:
Se7en Wrote:Stealed, from cod4 mod ...
look who's talking

[Release] Old School Mod v2.2
[Release] Scroll menu

I guess its animated or something, have you tried something else (a weapon)
Big Grin 
Thanks I've been looking for this so long XD. I wanted models from CoD7 to make some awesome papercrafts(dunno if you know what shit i'm talking about)

@ThePaperCrafter noproblem bro, graag gedaan
How the heck do I open a .ma file? When I try to open it, it says I have no program to open it with. What program do you suggest?
Maya 2009

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