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[News] Call of Duty: Ghosts
Reveal trailer:

Behind the scenes:

Tech Comparison Video:
[Image: MaEIQ.png]
super cool.
What is music name in first video?

Next-gen engine? Which one?
C++/Obj-C developer. Neko engine wip
Steam: Click
New engine is a lie
[Image: MaEIQ.png]
1:51 - blue car. Here we go again, MW2 model! Smile

Trailer looks awesome, I hope it's going to be better than MW3. However, I'd appreciate if they'd come back to WW2 times in some next part, because that'd be amazing to see with their new engine or at least improved graphics.
[Image: lQDUjba.jpg]
I will buy it, it looks so much interesting than the BO2 what I planned to buy but I ultimately didn't.

I want a dog.
I choose you Pikachu Dog, attack the enemy!

Just imagine you go on a server, your pet (a Dog) spawns and you need to work with "him". He will probably revive you if he give a shit. Also he will say WTF instead of you when he or you dies for 5th time.
I noticed that in all of the first person view on the videos they are using the MW3's Delta Force viewhands model? Also the same M4. But the graphics looks much better, I hope they won't disappoint us like they did in the last time. And if there won't be any mod tools, they should at least bring back script compile.
I guess the new engine is a lie. And I also guess that the graphics will be crappier than the trailer, and modding will not be possible. It will also be full of cheaters, and their crappy physics engine is not going to change.
I want WW2 back.
Btw polygon division was born B.C.
Before I read the news of the new engine, I watched the trailers and I thought it was the same engine. Now I've seen the video about the new engine + read the news. I can see a few changes they made but it still looks almost exactly like the previous engine whereas games like killzone definately look better on the new consoles (altough that game is for ps4).

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