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Help MW3 Steam - Invalid server configuration - insufficient cpu performance
Please Helppppppppppppppppp!
This is my problem(without plugins-addon):
version 1.9.463
Connecting to online services.....
Connected to online services.
Executing server config "server.cfg"
Succeeded reading from default.dspl
Loaded 5 map entries
Loading DSR "TDEF_default.dsr"...
Loading Succeeded for DSR "TDEF_default.dsr"
Invalid server configuration - insufficient cpu performance 4.4496 ghz for 18 clients. Minimum 9.0000 ghz required.
and if i run with plugin cpu usage got 99% and vps hangs! :|
I ran steam server successfully with/without plugins on my PC! but on vps those error happens! Please Help me!
and if i use a cpu bypass it gives me the error: exceeded the limit of 64 attachment! :|
what the hell is wrong with this!? :|

I ran Both Tekno/4D1 Server with/without Plugin on VPS but steam server gave me thos error and messages! Sad Confused Huh Undecided Sad Confused Huh
(07-24-2013, 00:01)mn_acer1 Wrote: [...]
I ran Both Tekno/4D1 Server[...]
I think you have to bypass it in some other way

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(07-24-2013, 16:52)Bandarigoda123 Wrote: I think you have to bypass it in some other way

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oooooom so how can i bypass it in other way!?
you know any way!?
//Disable the CPU/Bandwidth check [0-1]
[Image: b_560_95_1.png]

[Image: b_560_95_1.png]

(07-24-2013, 20:46)hillbilly Wrote: SpecsFix=1
//Disable the CPU/Bandwidth check [0-1]

yes it ignore that message! but cause cpu get 99% and vps hangs! as i said in my first post!
how can i fix this problem!?
it seems i didn't test it nicely! now i extracted server addon in my server again (without any plugin) and now server is up! Smile
now i'm gonna test plugins if cpu got 99% again it would be from plugins!
any way thanks!
i should say that it's working now with plugins! to make people know what was wrong: plugins and sv_config should be installed correctly or the server hangs!

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