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[Release] kProMod 5 *updated 2013*
Weapon selection. Maybe make a mod in it like xKmod esl that you can only pick ESL RULES allowed guns?

I will test the mod in a bit
I like how someone rated this a 1 star but didnt post <3

Also, as I said, I can modify it for any ladder... just add me to steam.
please delete
error coulnd not the picture server crashed !
^ like said 2x now, you can't load the map array due to to many treyarch errors... use the config or something.
failed: "could not load image "hud_icon_stuck_arrow"?
what did i wrong?

Try downloading the non-english version there now, if it still errors please tell me the error.
Did it help? or are there more files missing?
I really like what you're doing with this mod. Keeping the essence of the game while making it streamlined for competitive use. xkmod has a lot of problems with how the game works and feels, but you seem to be doing a lot to bring the best out of the game while still keeping it Black Ops.

I haven't downloaded and tested the mod yet, however. I will do so on your next update. Smile
xkmod will be fine, xerok is a beast.. thats why its still marked beta :p

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