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kPromod 7 Release (Yes, its still going.)
Changes since KPM5


Custom Plant sound added(Mix of MW2 sound files).
MW3 Drop bomb sound added.
MW3 Pick up bomb sound added.
COD 4 "The bomb has been planted" sound added
COD 4 "The bomb has been defused" sound added
COD 4 "Objective Destroyed" sound added
MW3 "Over Time" sound added.
Custom Ready up soldier sound added when people are not ready up & should be.

Sub Changes:

New Sub: MP40
40-25 damage.
0.112 fire rate. (other subs are like 0.0700ish)
1.4 to head
26 bullets

New Sub: PPSH
20-10 damage
0.03xx fire rate
2 multi to head.
48 bullets(you mad bros?)

AK74u slightly increased fire rate, deals 13 damage at max 1000+ range
mp5k slightly increased fire rate, deals 13 damage at max 1000+ range
Spectre slightly increased fire rate, deals 12 damage at max 1000+ range & now has 38 bullets.
MP5k recoil slightly nerfed.
Spectre recoil slightly buffed side to side.

Assault Changes:

New Assault: SG44
45-45 damage.
0.120 fire rate. (other ARs are like 0.0800ish)
mutli to chest up
22 bullets

You spawn with pistol as main hand instead of primary.
Galil recoil has been buffed, damage 40-30 with slightly slower firing rate then commando/47.
Commando changed recoil patterns to make it more viable.
FNFAL fire rate increased.
M16 is now Full Auto

Pistol Changes:
Python slightly more recoil, now a chest / head multiplier that will allow it to 2 shot again instead of making it flat 50 dmg like previously, so you atleast need to aim.
TT-30 added - 8 bullets - 45 flat damage with mutlipliers to head / higher chest like the python.

Scope Changes:
Scopes now move to the lower part of your screen while moving again.
Mosin re-done, now has the l9 sight.
Mosin now zooms in and out as fast as l9.
Mosin has same dmg modifiers as l9.
Mosin bolt is 0.6 seconds same as l9.
Scope is reverted to stock size & location.
Scope only zooms in once the recoil / bolt action is completed to allow an accurate shot on ADS in.
Slightly faster reloading of the entire clip.
Faster re-bolting(to help with the ADS-in accuracy).

Player Config Locks
cg_fov_default_thirdperson = 1
snaps = 20
com_maxfps = 40 - 250 fps
cl_maxpackets = 30
rate = 25000
r_fovScaleThresholdRigid = 3
r_fovScaleThresholdSkinned = 3
r_herolightcolortemp = 6500

change or add to config if you get the dvar error.

CONNECT: connect
DOWNLOAD LATEST: (changes near last page)

Works the same as before:

scr_teamtype_ff = 1 is scrim mode with nade trainer.
scr_teamtype_ff = 0 is pub mode, no need to change anything apart from that in console or config then fast_restart.

Fixed vertical nade throws, they no longer go backwards.
Grid Gate glitch fixed through dvars.
Grid mud flaps fixed through dvars.
Other see through objects should now be visible when looking through a scope.
Player color Dvar is now defaulted & blocked.
Sight glitch dvars are now defaulted & blocked.
ADS silent fall is fixed while the mechanic still remains the same crouch to ADS wise.
Commando wall bang damage has been decreased to match all other AR's.
Sun dvars now load client side to force removal of the sun for all players.

Added custom sounds thanks to hector / tom.
DD map fixes are added. (looking to do more)
Optimized the mod to help with alt tab and general performance.

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