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Bound [Release]
AS many of you have known iv been in development of a first person game called "Bound" I have gotten far enough into the game devolopment that i feel it is ready to be labeled V1.

Below is a brief description

The Casual Shooter Bound, is a first person shooter that can be defined by its many references to pop culture, and Comical easter eggs.

The game can be played in any of the below ways

-Shooting range- this is where many easter eggs come into play, you are able to test your skills against.....targets. although it may not seem exciting, it has many hidden features and as it grows so will the options

-Survial- Its just you up against a horde of skeletons, one problem the more you wipe out the more will spawn, This is a effect of chemical X (the same chemical that created the powerpuff girls :p )

- Hidden Mode- It isnt quite hidden anymore since i forgot to remove it from the video, but ohhh welll, Chill with your hommie slender who only wants $20!

List of current weapons,
- Axe "melee"

- Banana grenade

- Chair "melee"

- Flash light "melee"

- Gameboy "melee"

- Grenade

- M16-A4

- M16-BR

- M16-Laser

- M16-Sniper

- Radio "melee"

- Rocket Launcher

- Spaz 12

- Sword


Update Video-


Link To Play Online-

Link to download-

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