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[Release] xKMod LIVE v1.1 - Final Release | Competitive Mod
[Image: 4jq7EQm.png]

Main features
  • Massive game tweaks that give a real FPS boost
  • Class creation menu
    - Class creation menu allows you to select a primary weapon, a secondary weapon (handgun), a tactical grenade (flash/smoke) and a camo for the primary weapon
    - Available camos are Tiger, Siberia, Yukon, Woodland, Red and Golden
  • All weapons are balanced
  • Switchable FOV between 80 and 90
  • Modifiable sunlight
  • Ambient sounds removed
  • Various eSport leagues configs are supported
  • Custom match mode
  • Perks, kill-streaks, attachments, equipments removed
    - This mod was made to be used on e-Sports competitions, where this kind of stuff isn't allowed
  • Silent ADS
  • Steady sniper scope
  • No wall bang/flash/smoke hit markers
  • Strat Time at the beginning of every round (in S&D mode)
  • You can drop the bomb by pressing the equipment button (usually X)
  • Custom plant/defuse sound
  • No briefcase while planting/defusing
  • Quick menu (open it with 7)
    - You'll find 2 functions in the quick menu: Call time out and suicide.
  • Pre-Match and Half-Time Ready-Up Periods in match modes
  • Timeout Ready-Up
    - A maximum of 3 timeouts can be called by each team, each timeout can last for 5 minutes max. and will always take place in the next round
  • Knockout setting (with the "match_knockout" dvar [0: off 1: on])
    - If the knockout is activated the match will end at the mr_rating +1 (i.e: If the mr_rating is set to 12, the match will end at 13 points)
  • Alive players counter in match modes
    - You can see a counter on the bottom right of your screen that represents alive players of each team
  • Mode detection
    - Editing the data of the "xk_mode" dvar in the server.cfg (included in the download link) or in the console with any of the available modes (see available game modes below) will activate/deactivate certain dvars depending on your needs. (Game will restart when changing this dvar ingame)
  • Max rounds editing
    - You can change the max rounds (mr10,mr12, etc), by typing the dvar "mr_rating" and the number of max rounds you want. (Game will restart when changing this dvar ingame)

Available game modes

You will have to change the "xk_mode" dvar in the server.cfg or do an in-game /rcon xk_mode with any of these:

Match modes:
Ready-up system is activated, the mod supports 3 main leagues (ESL, CEVO and ClanBase)

ESL: http://gfx.esl.eu/gfx/media/eu/codbo/con...igpack.rar
CEVO: http://www.cevo.com/FILES/cevo_cod_blackops_config.zip
CLANBASE: http://www.clanbaseradio.com/codbo/cbwar.cfg
  • eslmatch: Runs ESL match config
  • cevomatch: Runs CEVO match config
  • cbmatch: Runs CB match config
  • mymatch: Runs a customized match mode that can be modified in z_custom_ruleset.iwd

Other modes:
  • public: Custom mode, this mode is customizable, more information on how to edit z_custom_ruleset below
  • strat: Nade training is inside this mode and can be activated/deactivated, any inflicted damage will be shown as in ready up period.

Custom Mod Dvars

Here's a list of the mod dvar's:

- xkmod_silentfootsteps: Activate or deactivate silent footsteps [0-1] default is 1
- xkmod_strattime: Duration of the strat time (in seconds) [0->] default is 6
- xk_mode: Mode selection [see available modes above] default is public
- mr_rating: Number of rounds before the round switch [1->] default is 12
- match_knockout: Activate or deactivate the knock out setting [0-1] default is 0
- league_name: Change the shown league name while in ready up (only working on "mymatch" mode)
- xk_lan: Activates/deactivates the LAN mode, when the lan mode is activated, both "g_smoothClients" and "g_antilag" will be disabled. [0-1] default is 0

Weapons Stats (outdated, will edit; If you're reading this, ignore this damage chart)

[Image: ybNJLfO.jpg]

TODO list/In progress

Server & Public ruleset configuration

Server configuration:

The server.cfg must be placed in the mod folder (in other words, next to the mod.ff and the .iwd)
[Image: DfWL9TA.png]

Public mode ruleset:

1. Open the "z_custom_ruleset.iwd" file with winrar/zip and find the "custom_public.gsc" file in the "xkmod_ruleset" folder
[Image: jXh4cBs.png]

2. Modify according to your needs
[Image: UdrfoQW.png]

Mymatch mode ruleset:

1. Open the "z_custom_ruleset.iwd" file with winrar/zip and find the "custom_comp.gsc" file in the "xkmod_ruleset" folder
[Image: YnwFOhO.png]

2. Modify according to your league needs
[Image: XvD4YYc.png]

Try the mod

The adress of the official xKMod server is: play.xkmod.com
The official server will always get the latest updates before they're released publicly.

Join the group !

You can join the official Steam group here: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/xKMod



Change log

LIVEv1.1 (Final release):
+ Implemented the shoutcaster feature (all credits to MetPL)
+ Even better classes limitations (MetPL <3)
+ White-listed the "toggle" command
+ Fixed the bug where you could have a smoke AND a flash grenade during strat time
+ Reduced menu assets in order to fix the "Maximum 850 menu assets" error
- Removed the version number from the mod's name
~ Lots of undocumented changes I don't even remember

+ Proper classes limitation
+ Server admins now can customize the weapon limits with the following dvars (only in public mode): class_assault_limit, class_smg_limit, class_cqb_limit, class_sniper_limit followed by the desired number of allowed classes (which can go from 1 to 64)
+ Disabled the pre-caching of a whole bunch of worthless models and textures (kill streaks, equipments, etc.) for stability improvements
+ Added announcer voice when the bomb is planted/defused
+ The mod name will only be visible during strat time and in S&D mode
+ Removed the sway from the Stakeout shotgun
+ Added weapon images when selecting them in the class creation menu
+ Smoke/Flash grenades changes are properly handled when being the only thing changed in the class menu
+ Fixed the Knock out system
+ Fixed some lower messages not disappearing
+ The dvar blocker won't be active when watching a demo or in theater mode
+ Minor bug fixes (a lot of tiny bugs were fixed, the list is way too long to be written down)
+ The mod's code was revisited, the fasfile's size is now 188Kb
+ Strat time is customizable in public mode with the dvar xkmod_strattime (default is 6 seconds)
- Removed buggy shoutcaster feature till it works properly
- Removed final hit-marker when killing someone thru the wall

+ Fixed stability issue where some people were kicked with a "Server command overflow" error
+ Mod name will now only show if the scoreboard is opened
+ Democlient while in ready-up period was finally finally finally finally finally fixed, democlient will automatically be ready
+ The democlient has its own status icon
+ Democlient is mandatory under any occasion in xKMod and can't be deactivated
+ Added lower messages when dying/killing someone ("You killed xx" and "You were killed by xx")
+ Added Red camo (7 is the maximum number of camo's that'll be available, current may be replaced but no new camos will be added)
+ Flash-bang duration was slightly reduced
+ Added a player model for each chosen class (Scavenger skin for Sniper, Flat Jacket skin for Demolitions, Lightweight skin for Spec Ops and Hardline skin for Assault)
+ Different speed movement scale for each class (this was actually added in the previous update but wasn't announced in the previous change log)
+ Added Dive-to-prone enabling/disabling in the advanced menu
+ Added the possibility to hide the sun within the advanced menu
+ Added half-time and timeout ready-up periods
+ Added suicide function
+ Added quick menu (suicide and timeout can be called within this menu)
+ Classes menu was improved, it now is fully keyboard-controlled
+ Max packets are no longer set to 40 each round and have to be at least set to 50
+ Disabled L96A1 and Stakeout drop
+ A maximum of 16 weapons can be dropped in a single game
+ Improved classes limitations
+ Fixed the bug where the player made no noise when sprinting with a Makarov pistol
+ Knockout setting can be changed with "match_knockout" (0 or 1), if the knockout is activated, the match will end at the mr_rating + 1
+ Main menu glow color was changed, for looks, mainly
+ Shoutcaster feature is in progress, you'll see a "SHOUTCASTER" team, if you join it you'll join regular Spectator team for now
- Disabled bomb suitcase while in ready-up
- Removed the mod name from the bottom of the player's screen

+ Class limitation implemented (I personally think it's still buggy, feedback is needed)
+ Custom HUD was implemented
+ Silent footsteps are now fully accurate (noise is heard when jumping/falling/landing)
+ Server dvar "xkmod_silentfootsteps" was added, it can be changed in the z_custom_ruleset.iwd (only changeable in public mode)
+ Classes menu was completely remade
+ Class illustration was added (currently created class images are shown on the right)
+ Alive players counter was added into public mode
+ r_normalmap is now changeable within the advanced menu
+ Tactical grenades are now properly given to the player when changed, even when it's the same class he selected
+ Completely removed Bob from weapons
+ Added a variant to the L96A1 (people can now choose between the little-scoped one or the regular big one)
+ Added spread to the L96A1 cross-hair (cross-hair will get much bigger as soon as any tiny movement is made)
+ Red color of the kill feed is slightly brighter
+ Screen no longer becomes black and white when a round ends
+ Fixed ready-up spawning
+ In case any team scores while in ready up, score is reseted at the end of the ready-up
+ Added proper support for demolitions and free-for-all game types
+ White-listed "clear" command (allows you to clear the console)
- Removed "wait" command
- Bottom-left compass was removed

+ Classes menu was finally implemented !
+ Class can be changed in the first 15 seconds of a round and will always change if in ready-up
+ Removed silent walking exploit when holding left button to ADS
+ Finally fixed the ready-up democlient issue, while in ready-up democlient will not connect, when ready up is over, democlient will connect
+ Fixed and changed plant/defuse sound which was disabled due to last 1.11 patch
+ Added "Drop the bomb" bind to the advanced menu
+ Stakeout fire rate was brought back to the default fire rate, nerf had no point
+ Commando fire rate was reduced
+ Assault weapons damage was reduced of 5, SMG's weapons damage was reduced of 10
+ Bullet penetration multiplier was slightly reduced
+ L96A1 has a "variable zoom" model by default (only looks, no variable zoom possible while scoping), you'll no longer have a big-ass telescope on it
+ Grenades can no longer be thrown back
+ Sky color tweak was added
+ Sunlight no longer resets on every round
+ Dvar blocker was added, if any of your dvars are out of the limit you'll not be able to see
+ Enabled in-game "bind" and "wait"
+ Leafs no longer move

+ Balanced ALL weapons, see weapons stats above
+ Added customizable "mymatch" mode for other leagues
+ Fixed "cevomatch" mode (it ignores mr_rating dvar)
+ Brought back improved plant/defuse sound
+ Alive players counter was moved so it's not behind the lagometer
+ Sunlight/FOV are now customizable thru the advanced mod menu
- Removed wall bang hit markers
- Removed briefcase while planting/defusing
- Ignored useless assets when compiling, stability was improved to the max with a 150kb .ff
- Python no longer has the speed reloader by default but reloading was changed

+ Added advanced mutiplayer menu (find it in Settings → Multiplayer → xKMod Advanced)
+ Max FPS, max packets, 8-bit textures enabling (needs a reconnection), FPS drawing and lagometer enabling are modifiable within the advanced menu
+ Added strat mode
+ Added "mr_rating" dvar
+ "xk_mode" and "mr_rating" dvars can directly be used in-game with the /rcon command
+ When the data of the "xk_mod" or "mr_rating" dvars changes, the server will automatically restart (no manual fast_restart is needed anymore)
+ Removed flash/smoke hit markers
+ Balanced the L96A1 sniper
+ Stability was improved
- Reduced bullet penetration value (thru walls)
- Removed the possibility to change classes anytime you wanted in public mode
- Removed useless functions in the code (stability/lag reduction purpose)

+ Added various eSport leagues support
+ Fixed the command "xk_mode"
+ You can now change the dvar in-game after a login with your rcon password (/rcon xk_mode ...)
+ You can now customize the "public" mode
+ Fixed restricted classes exploit on dedicated servers
+ Nerfed the L96A1 (noscopes aren't so easy to do now)
+ Renewed the whole code, stability purpose
+ Added temporary "did you know" test statements while the map loads

+ Enabled Killing while in ready-up
+ The mod is now more compatible with dedicated servers (probably still a few bugs to find and fix)
+ Added game mode detection
+ Completely fixed and buffed (custom recoil, etc) the L96A1 (will probably need to be nerfed, need feedback)
+ Fixed sniper Sway problem
+ Added a sound when picking up/dropping the bomb
+ Back to the default bomb sound
+ Added a server.cfg sample where you can now easily customize various settings
+ Fixed double deaths in dedicated servers
+ Cleaned the code
- Removed custom bomb sound due to its lack of accuracy
- Disabled grenade cooking
- Completely removed character voices

+ Completely fixed Ready-up system (no more buggy text)
+ You now will be notified of any inflicted damage to others or to yourself while in ready-up (as in cod4 promod)
+ Completely fixed footsteps (while crouching AND while ADS) [Thanks Eekhoorn]
+ Fixed various bugs
- Removed forced 8-bit textures, so now the game isn't so "ugly"

+ Cleaned the code
+ Improved the ready-up system (you can now move while in ready-up)
+ No bullet damage while in strat time
+ You can no longer sprint while in strat time
+ Alive players counter
- Removed some useless dvars
- Removed some useless functions

+ Added custom epic gorgeous bad-ass menu background image
+ Removed forced "sv_vac 0", so it's up to you if you want to VAC protection it or not
+ Added a third beep to the custom plant/defuse sound
+ Added a ready-up period
+ Real unlimited ammo whilst in Strat Time (before v2.0, bullets would drop 1 second before the strat time was over)
+ Fixed the bug were you could still choose a restricted weapon after respawning
+ Fixed round switch/round limit in S&D

BETAv1.9 (Not released publicly):
+ Added custom team icons
+ Brought back silent footsteps while crouching even tho steps aren't always silent while ADS
+ Removed level and prestige in scoreboard, for a more professional look

+ Custom plant/defuse sound fixed, it was a little messed up
+ Removed camos and emblems on weapons
+ New feature: now anyone can have the classes they want, camos and emblems will be automatically removed, and restricted weapons will be replaced by authorized ones
+ Silent ADS now works properly
+ Python has now "speed reload" attachment by default
- Removed "silent footsteps" due to its lack of accuracy (you could press the button to crouch while jumping and you wouldn't make any falling sound and also was conflictive with silent ADS)

BETAv1.7 (Not released publicly):
+ Disabled certain game sounds
+ Unlimited ammo during Strat Time
+ Only 1 flash is now given
+ Max ammo is now given at each beginning of a round
+ No scope shots are now more easily done

BETAv1.6 (Not released publicly):
+ Finally found that annoying command that resulted in a black screen, so no more cfg deletion is needed, anyone can have any cfg
+ Info on the right was replaced by a discrete line on the bottom
- Removed annoying info on the right that popped up on every round
- Removed some graphic tweaks
- Removed forced sound tweaks, they had no point to be forced

+ Each map has now its own exposure tweak, which means different graphic tweak dvars will apply depending on the map, each map has now its own lightness
+ Modified custom plant/defuse sound a bit
- Removed forced snd_menu_master "1", people don't always use the max volume
- Removed face paints
- Removed "medals": First Blood, Hero and such medals will no longer be earned (no random extra points)

+ Implemented custom plant/defuse sound
+ Removed the briefcase while planting/defusing
+ Added the possibility to drop the bomb

BETAv1.3 (Not released publicly):
+ Added strat time at every beginning of a round
+ ATTACK and DEFENSE were inverted, fixed that

BETAv1.2 (Not released publicly):
+ Improved game type detection
+ Changed default hostname

BETAv1.1 (Not released publicly):
+ Fixed classes
+ Fixed S&D mode

• Public release


- Treyarch
- Eekhoorn
- iAegle
- Pyroh

[Image: SteamIcon.png][Image: twitter.png]

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i see iSnipe Code there Rolleyes
(06-02-2011, 22:58)XeroK Wrote: Credits

I wanna thank Google, without Google, trust me, NONE of this would be here.
I mainly used MW2 Promod code, so thanks to those guys who coded that.
I also wanna thank alistair, I followed some of his code and used a little bit of it.

(06-02-2011, 23:03)qontrixz Wrote: i see iSnipe Code there Rolleyes

I can see you sir are a sort of Sherlock.

oh sry i thought azzumikkel made isnipe Big Grin
Remove the trees... And no fov 90 here? http://xerok.perso.sfr.fr/screenshots/xKmod%20(6).jpg lmao
(06-03-2011, 00:41)Fr0styyy. Wrote: Remove the trees... And no fov 90 here? http://xerok.perso.sfr.fr/screenshots/xKmod%20(6).jpg lmao

There's no eSports league allowing game objects removal.

It's FOV 80 and I was proning that's why you don't see it.

You can clearly see the FOV 80 here

If you don't know what you're talking about, please avoid talking or at least do not try to sound like you're making fun of people.
Nice work

this is PromodMAX beta v3.0 copy...
are away links allowed? o_O
in "download"
[Image: r212360a129ce9b84444093b6cd2699013a1fbn155.png]
(06-03-2011, 05:51)Boma Wrote: http://www.itsmods.com/forum/Thread-Prom...video.html

this is PromodMAX beta v3.0 copy...

Haha, not really mate.
Check the code, and you'll see plenty of differences.
Not that I want to sound mean but, you really didn't put so much effort into improving iSnipe's code.

I didn't copy "your" code, I followed alistair's code, which is basically all of your mod Sleepy

(06-03-2011, 07:05)G-Man Wrote: are away links allowed? o_O
in "download"

Nope, and that's why d0h attached the file, thanks btw (:

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