Full Version: kProMod 5 *updated 2013*
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Release kProMod version 5

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game crash when trying to switch on this mod.
updated to fix the skorpion bug really quick.. should be all good now again.
good work koil, deserves a rep
gave koil a +rep as well
is looking good , keep it up
updating now to fix the fov bug, now it is 90 not 80. redl and just copy over ur old folder and re-sync or w/e
Updated again, the mosin is back, flash is slightly buffed, no sway added, removed un-needed dvars, gave movement a smoother feel with a few settings, it now works on any game mode as well, not just SND.. Just do what i said in the above post.

If anyone has suggestions or wants to help out, PM me or STEAM: crymorefanz

Ok, the downloads ready..
Just updated again, fixed custom camos and added some more in, the look pretty G, you can change them from custom menu.
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