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Release Black Ops Trainer: Zombies - Lite Edition
[Black Ops Trainer: Zombies - Lite Edition

What is the lite version?
It is the stripped down version of the Black Ops Trainer with a basic GUI written purely in C++. It uses only about 1MB of memory and includes all the same features as the complete version (excluding the music dbb). It also has a pattern scanning function which works with all versions. It is purely for experimental purposes and can be used if desired. No extra libraries (which means no .NET Framework) or software required! This is a native Windows application.

This hack is so ugly..
Yes, I know it is. /lol

VAC Status:
SAFE, VAC is not active on SP!

[Image: QQppp.png]

Virus Scans:
VirusTotal - Free Online Virus, Malware and URL Scanner
BlackOpsZombiesLiteEdition.rar - Jotti's malware scan

Extra Notes:
The lite version supports ALL versions of Black Ops including the latest patch. This is probably the last of these 'Black Ops Trainers' that I will probably make because they are getting too repetitive.


Attached Files
.rar   BlackOpsTrainerLite.rar (Size: 69.36 KB / Downloads: 200)
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  • blackout612, Eekhoorn, Gladio, wezljkz
When i turn it on it say it is searching for addresses :S
yes then let it searching
Ok thanks, also do i start trainer first then black ops zombie or? I am really new to trainers Sad
it should be self updating, yes.
start it first then the game
It is searching for address forever Sad Can you help me out?
updated attachment

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