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Tutorial MW3 HowTo Hack for Dummies incl. CheatEngine Table / 1.4.368 offsets
(02-01-2012, 07:36)pancaketime Wrote:
(02-01-2012, 07:02)OrangePL Wrote: Other than dll hack no

Thanks for the quick reply.

Would anyone happen to know the decimal variable for the specialist bonus? It would be neat if you could set that to the support package and have it all game.

Like above you need dll, perhaps there's still some glitch that allow you something more, maybe like host will help you but specialist bonus was coded only for "specialist ks", at least it seems. Anyway there's more perks, pro perks need a combine of normal ones, so start your own server with your rules and maybe IW will release some modtool to help you to get the better experience to playing MW3 and have fun with your friends...

seen that online play is not so funny now and reports from noobs without skill have only f** up VAC's efficiency, seeing how many players use DLLs (aimbot and so on)....

45, 47, 49, 67, 77 , moab is 32 also extreme conditioning pro, not more lightweight pro like before in MW2 but specialist reward is more funny then OMA and is not to hard to reach ( 8 kills and/or flags = 15 perks ), equipe skorpio akimbo and play DOM HC match with first reward scavenger, run from spawn to next spawn and all enemy will flame you about using cheats/DLLs.....

The 'Scar-K class' is 'Custom Class 1'

Full Proficiency list:

Quote: (report) SuperNovaAO - 03-03 23:34 -- Your mom's cunt also belongs to her private parts, yet everyone knows it.
(report) OrangePL - 03-03 23:34 -- And if you can't understand, this is called PRIVATE message
[Image: userbars.jpg]
My MW2 mod Group:

(12-28-2011, 20:56)Gladio Wrote: 32 happy new year

is that hex?

this was one of mine custom class

[Image: lekcy.jpg].

To reach nuke no need this, you cant mod your custom class 'cause is active only after 24 kills, now how can i reach it? is simple you can find out "class in use" then add nuke to your KS slot. How you can find it? try with ammo in private match, all are closed so to explain better

[Image: survivalcode.png]

second line contains KS, try it yourself in Singleplayer sur/spec ops, you need before buy predator missile to enable KS slot, then at 012A798C write Hex 15 to get istant infinite KS predator. Infinite armor vest (better then godmode for MP but buggy if you "die", hahaha you will be living death ) healt is near but float and need to be freezed also you can see timecounter, if you use num. of kills to find out reward note that is in countdown format and there are two kills counter.
Make script that after reach uav will add what ever you want to use.
I sugest to you that is beter use teknomw3 and then update offset before being banned for online scan from vac.

Would it be possible to earn the specialist bonus by doing this?

(04-11-2012, 04:33)pancaketime Wrote: Would it be possible to earn the specialist bonus by doing this?

theoricaly yes and mine first pic (second one wasnt mine) was a try to find it, but i was banned after second steam crash (mhuhahaha... all enemy player was freezed) and dont work properly 'cause still gamescript. Anyway you can use memory patch to load arbitrary .csv file, to explain better, like was before with mw2 vac chaos and overpowered 1887. Select scavenger and sit rep in your custom class to get it full working...

I find the concept extremely interesting. Just imagine a recon juggernaut with the specialist bonus.

(04-12-2012, 22:03)pancaketime Wrote: I find the concept extremely interesting. Just imagine a recon juggernaut with the specialist bonus.

After some game i can say dont work for dedi server, you can only downgrade your healt and infinite bullets are fake. Like previously MW2 still need to be host, no matter if private or pub lobby, anyway bannable from vac...

hello everyone. so i was able to modify my first class (equipped my mk14 with thermal, silencer, then added breath). worked out fine.

my question do i find the addresses for the other classes, so i can modify them as well?

This isn't working for me; I loaded the tables; selected MW3 MP, changed the values i wanted; and checked active. Yet nothing has changed In-game.

Heelp. :o

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