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[Tutorial] MW3 HowTo Hack for Dummies incl. CheatEngine Table / 1.4.368 offsets
Bad :Troll: is bad.

Also this post belongs to me and is written by me. Nobody dare to quote it without my written permission!

And now stop the flamewar below this line

credits: SuperNovaA0

P.S in b4 rage gets any worse

Spot 4 sale pm if interested
Thank you =)
Dont use it now, need to be update after new patch.....
'Cause someone flame about this topic (gibson.w's iw5mpclean was published with "credit" in this forum before this topic and all of us Know who made it.....(thanks very useful)), i hope will never be update......
Use your brain to learn something more.....
WHAT? more gibberish please
(12-13-2011, 19:42)d0h! Wrote: WHAT? more gibberish please
dont work now that all...
what are you talking about, it still works with updated offsets
(12-13-2011, 21:43)d0h! Wrote: what are you talking about, it still works with updated offsets

No it doesn't. You need to recalculate the addresses.
updated offsets are already posted
sorry but im confused on what to do Sad. i have cheat engine and the table so what do i do from there?

when I would change my Play Time, the Cheat Engine can´t find the Decimal number of the value!

How can I also change the Play time?
And wehen I would canghe some other time, must i change only the value of the green values or also the others?

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