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[Tutorial] Creating mods for zombies with modtools
Hey guys, I figured I would put together a tutorial on how to create mods for zombies. First you're going to need.

Black ops & mod tools
Rawfile rip, download full 1.3 then the 1.4 update - http://wiki.modsrepository.com/index.php...files_Rips
Csv needed for common_zombie_patch - attached
After downloading all of the above, open up the 1.3 rawfile rip, navigate to your black ops directory and drag and drop the raw folder into your black ops directory, choose yes to merge/overwrite anything. Do the same for the 1.4 update.

Next you're going to download the custom csv and open up the folder called zone_source in black ops.
[Image: f2202c57d5e138c1e3440aa86c5788ae.png]

You're going to be using this file instead of mod.csv to include any assets in your fastfile, open it up in your editor and you can see the files which will be added, you can copy these to your mod directory later.

Next open up Launcher from the mod tools which can be found in the tools tab of steam or in /bin/Launcher.exe. After opening either press F8 or go to "Tools>New mod...".
[Image: c3dd33907f4c778524b08d4f5ed50d86.png]

The name can be anything you want it to be. I don't recommend having a space in the title, as it will give errors when compiling, however it will still successfully compile.
[Image: 98815b0c47b654fee77b701096cdd8c0.png]

In the mod builder tab click on the list of mods and select your mod.
[Image: 58fa35f749e6d66e1a667ef18bd39d6a.png]

Now set up the settings so they look like this.
[Image: e981b0248cc1cbd7a6b49aab06f09691.png]

You can make copys of the gscs in the mod folder in mods/yourmodname, if you want to add new assets/remove some, you can open up the .csv and add them as you would in the mod.csv, e.g.
[Image: 2d9fffd8b48dfef496e1c65e0469bf18.png]

Now click build mod when you're ready.
[Image: b940f77ab49b3f6b8818847136401f8e.png]

After it has finished and there's no errors, go to your black ops directory and open up the zone folder, then the English folder. Sort by date, and then your ff should be at the top named "common_zombie_patch.ff".
[Image: b2677798e020bb29440e6acba58b8a70.png]

Next right click the ff and click copy, go back into the zone folder and open up the Common folder, there should be ff in here called "common_zombie_patch.ff", make a back up of this by right click dragging and clicking copy here. Now right click anywhere not on a file and click paste or press ctrl+v. Select yes to overwrite.

You've now got a modded zombies, you can launch the game and the mods will be on! Keep in mind that if you're playing with your friends you should also send them the common_zombie_patch.ff before you play with them.

Attached Files
.rar   common_zombie_patch.rar (Size: 791 bytes / Downloads: 408)
very nice! keep on rockin
Great lost¡¡¡ awesome find, Nyan Cat
Sry, but i cant find any common_zombie_patch.csv in zone_source.

Sorry if i am blind or stupid Tongue

btw: thx for tut Nyan Cat
(07-13-2011, 19:06)Tomsen1410 Wrote: Sry, but i cant find any common_zombie_patch.csv in zone_source.

Sorry if i am blind or stupid Tongue

btw: thx for tut Nyan Cat

The download link is right at the top of the post, I even tell you to download it twice.
oops Tongue
Holy shit. I might actually have to make something now D:

Nice work lost!
Thanks Tongue Finnaly i can make unused things(abillities, killstreaks, infection ^_^)
C++/Obj-C developer. Neko engine wip
Steam: Click
Full 1.3 rip 404'd, Should i get 1.3 update and 1.2, or just find the full 1.3 elsewhere?
Sorry if that's a stupid question :/

Edit: Shittest of cunts. Mirror link works, nevermind ;p
I'm pretty sure it doesn't work.
I edited zombie_pentagon.gsc and put it in my modname/maps folder, compiled and got my patched FF. However, even after replacing the ff with the patched one
it still loads the original script.

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