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Tier Mod Beta Release
//////////////////////Tier Mod//////////Made By ViPer_Rainmaker//////////////


Everyone starts off on their first non tier(choose from menu)....
Then as the players progress through their non tier they get to choose their first tier(acessable by menu)....
( the player will get to choose between 2 choices for their tier class thus progressing to their next tier)
then through the 2nd tier you get to go to the 3rd then 4th then 5th...
if a player gets to their last tier(the best tier) they will be able to dominate over others

Tier choices (still in progress)

(Non-tier)0. recruit
1. Spy 1. Ranger
2. Quick Step 2. Assassin
3. Wizard 3. Damage Control
4. Juggernaught 4. Ninja


Tier Descriptions (still in progress)
(Non-tier)0. recruit - this is the non tier person, also has just joined game, has only knife, no perks, and has normal health, also no abilities

1. Spy - this tier gives the player the ability to disguise himself as a carepackage, has very low health, has only a knife, and no perks.

2. Ranger - this tier is for very precise players, has a crossbow and silenced L96a1, has normal health, and has a very steady shot.

3. Quick Step - This tier although it has low health it gives the player the ability to move at the speed of light for a couple seconds , has a Pm63 and Makarov with 1 spare clip, has no perks.

4. Assassin - This tier has low health, has the ability to turn invisible for a short time, has an Ak74u with silencer and a bowie knife, has marathon pro and lightweight perks, has fast run speed.

5. Wizard - This tier has very powerful spells that can do damage over time, has enchanted healh, has a enchanted pistol to shoot rockets, and has unlimited smoke grenades.

6. Damage Control - This tier is a strong damager and is good for taking down juggernaughts and robots, has a Ak47 and a Mpl with rapid fire has 10 grenades and 1 claymore, has an ability to double the damage the player does.

7. Juggernaught - this tier allows your teammates from taking damage, has big health, slow run speed, and has stakout with grip.

8. Ninja - this tier is a very stealthy like choice, has the ability to turn invisible like the Assassin but for a shorter time, has fast run speed, has only a Bowie Knife, has 5 smoke bombs, and can flee easily away from Danger.


Menu Controls

5 - open menu
x - go up menu
7 - go down menu
Jump - select from menu

plz report any glitches or bugs they may occur.. will try and fix them in final release

if you have any requests for a tier just ask... will try and put in other versions or something like that

will fix some of the weapons that is in mod

couldnt add ROBOT and Leeeeeerrrrooooy Jenkins tier because of a bug

XG R4PiDzZ - for menu

Attached Files
.rar   mp_TierMod.rar (Size: 465.82 KB / Downloads: 61)
nice work, perhaps you could add a gameplay vid?
Rangers, wizards and assassins with weapons. Add some bows, wands and daggers.

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