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Steam Support
I Dont even need to explain the following picture, just goes to show you how messed up support is


I feel bad for this guy
They did the same with me in August.
Was BurtonJ, not Tech Miles.

And I know my hack wasn't detected because my friends that I gave my priv hax are still unbanned.
That sucks. Valve support get really cheeky sometimes :|

Kinda makes you wish you could speak with them irl, let's see them pulling something like that to my face.
*Waits for BurtonJ to rip your jugular vein from your throat with his bare hands*
Geeze.. They would'nt tell him straight after buying 187 games :O
Steam never listens to their customers they only want the money then they are done with them.
I know. I had an email convo with gaben (Gabe Newell) once when it was small (before Steam). He really seemed passionate about the game. After that, though, everything went to hell and they turned into suited corporate zombies from hell. There is no individual conversation with Valve anymore, they just measure mass appeal now. They don't even listen to feedback since TF2.

Steam is soon going to be the only way to get games. Game distributors are probably going to have to send an ultimatum to GAME and the like in the near future because of the amount of money they lose from games being sold primarily through Steam. Hell, games like Black Ops refuse to run apart from through Steam whether you buy them through that platform or not.

Even worse is the fact that companies now expect us to buy games multiple times if we want them on different platforms (even though it's the same product) and we're only one step away from Steam having the right to remove the game software from your hard drive if it decides you aren't worthy of it (ie. VAC ban). It's pretty ridiculous that they already seem to feel they have the right to disable (ie. 'make unfit for purpose') the game they have sold you just because you wanted to modify some of it. If I buy a car and the hood's welded shut, I'm going to damn well open it anyway.
Even though Valve is messed up now its still better than Activision. And according to Wiki they only have 250 employees, which is pretty small for a multi-million dollar company.
Just keep them busy Wink damn bishes
Valve su*ks

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