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Release Advanced timed messages with script support
Hi everyone, I wanted to share a variant of the standard timed messages implemented in Nukem addon. This timed messages plugin does not show the "console" word, and is capable of running scripts written in C#.

For example, I use this plugin to show the number of banned player from my server, updated in real time; the message is this: "^1Players permanent banned from this server: ^3BANNED_COUNT" and the code to get the BANNED_COUNT number is this

string[] bannedList = System.IO.File.ReadAllLines("main\\permanent_ex.ban");
int bannedCount = bannedList.Length - 1;
_returnValue = bannedCount.ToString();

_returnValue is a string variable used by the plugin to get the text to replace the BANNED_COUNT word

This plugin can be used also to show players the time, or some News downloaded from your website, or any custom text generated by C# code.

On my server it works, and it should works on every version of MW3 (included Tekno), but let me know if it doesn't works on your servers.

Detailed instructions are inside the archive.

UPDATE: now the plugin logs C# errors; I also added some images of the plugin in action.

[Image: banned.jpg]
[Image: time.jpg]
[Image: error.jpg]

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