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Who can create this script
Hi ALL!!! Anyone can create a script which lets the server only registered on my forum, even if you put a ban on the forum and on the server too, you get a ban until unban on the forum. I'll do so that the could see on the forum only banlist with the reason for the ban to banned't write in the forum of the type "take off please ban I will not..." And yet in the forum is a function which bans from 1 minute to X number of days, then banned automatically removed
It's easy to make.
You can access mysql database on your site, right?
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Note this guy is asking for an InfinityScript variant
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(09-19-2013, 05:47)SailorMoon Wrote: It's easy to make.
You can access mysql database on your site, right?

Yes, can you create this plugin or script?

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