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[SOURCE] Addon Ask Nukem!
(11-06-2013, 16:59)[HARD] Tony. Wrote: You have not seen the source code External ESP (by @master131 )! my friend decompile showed me how much there is of code!

you are the biggest idiot on this planet
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if anybody wants the add-on source pm me i can share it
(01-28-2014, 07:16)abidullah Wrote: if anybody wants the add-on source pm me i can share it

lol. Ask @Nukem or @Cyanide first. I have source of the newest version too, but as you can see - I am not sharing it.
Do you even know what is 'author rights'?
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Soooo, @SailorMoon , do I give you flowers first or do we get straight to it? Big Grin
I now host all my MW3 projects on my private GIT repo
so we are expecting a new addon ver soon ?????
Never Tongue
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It already got released in that thread so I think many people got the files. And as you can see, zxz and nukem allowed it (I'm not sure if it's true and I don't know them, that's why I won't upload the files). No one will continue with the development of the addon anyway.

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