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Installing the addon on TeknoGods
Ok, Just to get rid of this for once and for ever:
Follow the guide here if you're using teknogods besides steam.
If you have any questions, you can ask them at the teknogods site.
We do not officially support TeknoGods so it's not our fault if it doesn't work for you somehow.
All plugins released here are created for the steam version of the server and therefore might not work with tekno. Once again, We focus on the steam version of the server and do not (officially) support tekno.
If you use steam, feel free to continue browsing our site and using the many plugins released here.

Let me make myself clear, We do not discourage you from using teknogods, all i'm saying is pure technical, We've got enough problems trying to keep it working on steam, we can't handle all teknogods requests as well

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