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Nukems MW3 Addon doesn't exist now what?
Hello everyone.

I'm new to the forum but not to mods. (Old counter strike days)
We have just rented a server from NFOservers for MW3.

The server runs great super quick no problems, so decided to see if I could
add just a very select few mods. But i'm completely lost now.

Here's the mods I would love to have running.
Quote:1.) A way to send welcome messages when a user joins the server.
basically Welcome user, please visit our forums @ such an address for more info.

I thought this would be something really simple, but cannot find out any information how to even do this, or get started.

2.) a way to setup timed messages, to randomly say something.

Same as above, there must be an easy solution to getting something so simple working right guys?

3.) Reserved slots pluign.

I think i've found this, but cannot add it as a plugin because of the missing Nukem's MW3 Addon.

Problem is, every single mod posted on this board has a requirement for Nukem's MW3 Addon.

And since his website link doesn't work, and there's no attachements to download only the link to a non working website, on his original thread i'm at a loss what to do now. Does everything just stop dead in it's tracks, simply because of this 1 missing addon/plugin that's impossible to find and download? <--- no download links, no attachements, external link broken.

I checked out 3 links for "Setting up a dedicated server for supernoobs etc"
hoping to find this addon. And even the tutorials attachements are also none working, broken none existent.

If anyone could be so kind to upload a working Nukem's addon. And point me in the best directions to get these 3 major things sorted I would be really greatful.

I think this is the newest version,
[Image: MaEIQ.png]

Finally someone helpful! 39 views from everyone who's probably got a copy/running dedicated server with Nukems Addons, and not 1 person actually bothered to help out? Even though they fully know there's no way of running half the plugins without this addon.

Why doesn't a mod/admin edit nukems post and add the link to download the files needed?
As without his addon this forum and plugin sections are completely useless, as everything seems to require this 1 addon.


The plugins you need are on this forum just search for them its all trial and error.

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