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[Release] Team Fortress 2 Mod BETA
Hey guys, it's about time I've released my mod. It's taken almost 4 months to get this far but because I keep getting sidetracked I haven't really worked on the mod alot. I was also planning to make a final release but because I can't test it online with other players since ItsModsLoader is sorta broken, I'm releasing what I got so far testing the mod with bots on Black Ops (pirate ed). I can't get a video up since playing with bots isn't as fun, I might make a video tomorrow.

[Image: screeniehd.jpg]

- All players have ADS (except for Sniper) and sprinting (except for Scout) disabled.
- All players walk faster than normal Black Ops.
- All off the crosshair sizes are smaller than normal Black Ops.
- Class menu. Press your smoke/flashbang button to open it.
- 'Control' gametype from TF2 (modified domination)
- All classes from TF2
  • Scout = Super fast, sprinting enabled, jumps high. Has a scattergun (spas) and pistol (M911).
  • Soldier = High HP. Has a RPG and Shotgun (Stakeout)
  • Pyro = High HP. Has a flamethrower (AK47-Flamethrower) and scattergun. For safety issues, you must use your ADS button to switch weapons when playing as a Pyro.
  • Demoman = High HP. Has a Grenade Launcher (China Lake w/ Super Damage) and Sticky Bomb Launcher (Automatic Crossbow).
  • Heavy = Super High HP. Has a minigun and a shotgun. If you change weapons from the minigun, you lose it (stupid Black Ops).
  • Engineer = Can build objects. Has a shotgun (spas) and pistol (M911). Press your grenade button to open the build menu. You can build a teleporter or sentry guns (sentry guns can't fire at a cloaked Spy). You must collect metal (scavenger bags) to build more things.
  • Medic = Can heal people. Has a syringe gun (Mini-Uzi that shoots ballistic knives) and a medigun (Strela). Point the Strela at a player and hold your mouse button to heal the person.
  • Sniper = Can Quick-Scope Tongue. Has a Sniper Rifle (L96A1) and an SMG (MPL w/ Rapid Fire).
  • Spy = Has lethal backstabs. Has a Revolver (Python). You can active your disguise by pressing your frag button. Firing or attacking will deactive it. You can also cloak yourself by pressing your ADS button. You cannot capture or attack while you are cloaked.
- Nemesis system
- Modified gun damage
- TF2 Player HUD
- Helpful hints for those new to the mod..
- Homemade guns/objects. Smile
- The team colours match the actual team, not if they are enemies.
- Critical hits
- Some other crap I probably forgot

It's best that you set the gametype as dom before loading a map otherwise it will automatically change the settings and rotate maps.

Report all bugs here, I haven't had alot of time to do extensive testing but I think I've fixed most of the bugs with my friend last time ItsModsLoader was working with other players.

Yes, I know my code is probably hard to understand but I'm too lazy to add comments. Tongue

Attached Files
.zip   mp_TF2Mod.zip (Size: 160.18 KB / Downloads: 828)
[Image: 30xhrep.png]

A casual conversation between barata and I about Nukem.
Looks awesome
Nice, gonna try it Smile
[Image: mca.png]

A video would be nice ! Smile
what happen to the cartoon effect you were trying to achieve
Meh, I added some colour correction dvars to compensate for that. r_fullbright just makes everything look like crap.
[Image: 30xhrep.png]

A casual conversation between barata and I about Nukem.
nice mod, i love it <3
Nice Tongue
the "Sniper - can quickscope" part is EXTREMElY appealing. For referrence, may I ask how this is done. It'd be useful to know. Nice work Big Grin

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