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Help choose 2 random players?(1 each team)
Hey guys.i will give a big thx if u can help meBig Grin
I mean on spawn choose 2 random players (1-1 each team) and choose (an) other one(s) if they death.
Help me please!Big Grin
Firstly, make foreach in players.count. Then check if player is alive and his/her ping is fine. Then just move all players to spectators by making 'client.team = team.spect; playersuicide;', and just choose player from 'players.size' in foreach. And spawn them to different teams?
And if 'choosen' player dies ( check by loop, hp, whatever ), make the second stage again.

Maybe someone will post code now.
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No i mean just choose 2 random players i will make jug of them ...
i am too lazy to check a jug mode Sad
Isn't it something like randomInt level.players.size?
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(09-11-2013, 20:53)DidUknowiPwn Wrote: Isn't it something like randomInt level.players.size?

It doesn't like it, gtfo :Troll:
C++/Obj-C developer. Neko engine wip
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any1 can help?:S
There are many mod around to look at for this Smile
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