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Release ItsModsloader
my folder is like this mods\all my mods\maps\mp\....
Yeah but I mean that you didn't accidentally edit the wrong file because ItsModsloader does not load stuff from cache.
dunno why somethimes it work somethimes not..
need more testHuh
Problem I've encountered:
So when you've had Black Ops opened and ModLoader is injected, and you quit the game, it leaves a blackopsmp process in the background, and the modloader wont work until you kill that process.
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Once again an update to piss off the trolls. People that downloaded the 70571 version can get it without completing another survey.
use http://www.adf.ly ?

[Image: 1fxsnb.jpg]
(03-05-2011, 15:21)4FunPlayin Wrote: use http://www.adf.ly ?


Payout is, like linkbucks, not high enough to cover the server costs.

$4 for 1000 clicks is nothing considering that ItsModsloader gets ~1500 downloads a month.

On a side note: someone clicked the google ads 300 times yesterday, lol. Does not help though since Google does not count those.
why i cant download a file? I'm going through a poll but the inscription is still running :/
wtf? 1 st time loader worked, now - no, and i got error (This version is not the most recent! ?!!) why?last version

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