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Release ModSelector for ItsModsloader
ModSelector for ItsModsloader

What is it?
It's like an addon program for ItsModsloader that allows to neatly sort and load multiple mods just like in Liberation/VAC Chaos instead of making a huge mess all over the place.

How do I use it?
Place the ModSelector file into your ItsModloader folder. If you do not have a 'mod' folder as well as a folder to store your mods, it will ask you to make it when you launch the program. Open the 'mod' folder then the 'ModList' folder. Create folder names for your mods such as 'HappyMod' then inside those folders place the files for your mod in there.

When you have selected a mod and clicked 'Start ModLoader', just launch Black Ops as usual. If you ever edit the mod and need to 'refresh/reload' it, simply type /map_restart into the console. No need to open ItsModsloader again.

Example folder tree:
mod > ModList > HappyMod > maps > mp > gametypes > _rank.gsc

Can I get banned for this?
Technically you can't get banned for THIS but you can for using ItsModsLoader.

SuperNovaAO Wrote:VAC2 DETECTED - use in private matches with sv_vac 0
Want to play legit after that?

1. Close the game.
2. Close Steam.
3. Restart Steam.
4. Start the game without any hacks loaded.

How can I edit files on-the-fly?
After you have selected a mod and started ItsModLoader, you can edit the files inside the 'mod' folder. Don't touch the ModList folder! After Black Ops has been closed, all modifications to the current files you are working on in the 'mod' folder will be copied to the folder inside 'ModList'.

[Image: abbc4665.png]

master131 for making this handy tool
SuperNovaAO for making ItsModsloader
AgentGOD for giving me some kind of GUI inspiration

Virus Scans:

Ikarus & Jiangmin = FAIL. Angel


Attached Files
.rar   ModSelector.rar (Size: 39.81 KB / Downloads: 598)
[Image: 30xhrep.png]

A casual conversation between barata and I about Nukem.
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Very nice, it comes in handy when you have much mods.
Step1(completed): modloader
Step2(completed): modselector
Step3(uncompleted): ingame modselector? ( like AgentGod's one in mw2)
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Step2.5: /connect command for lobbytracker (WHERE? FU Gayarch)

good release, useful
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(11-29-2010, 10:20)d0h! Wrote: Step2.5: /connect command for lobbytracker (WHERE? FU Gayarch)

good release, useful
Step2.7: Console command for loading mod
[Image: wyipjqo9qon7rc2v1lo.jpg]
also could u add alt+f2 function ;pp im lazy =DD
if you dig true the world... what comes up first your feet or your head ;qq
ehy I have a problem with this!
I've downloaded ModSelector and done everything correct but after I run this my Itsmodloader doesn't load actually any .gsc file AT ALL.
I mean, I tried: ModSelector+Itsmodloader=no mod loaded, only Itsmodloader (after reputing files in proper folder) and still nothing.
I had to erase all files concerning mods and re-download latest itsmodloader in order to load .gsc files.
Now I'm using only Itsmodloader, but it's boring to change manually mods.
Is there a fix or a tweak in order to use modselector?
p.s. I m on Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit and I tried even to run modselector as an administrator.
take the latest ItsModsloader.dll and combine it with this modswitcher.
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(12-12-2010, 13:30)SuperNovaAO Wrote: take the latest ItsModsloader.dll and combine it with this modswitcher.

I'll give it a try
[Image: 6584.jpg]
probably use an account with administrator rights, or try right click start as admin
Now it works..probably it was the .dll file...now that's a way better Big Grin thanks
[Image: 6584.jpg]

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