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[Release] ItsModsloader
Place your mods in the "mods\" directory in seperate directories.
So if you have a mod called "Best Mod Ever", you go into the "mods\" directory and make a directory called "Best Mod Ever\"
In there you place the files. Usually this is a directory called "maps\" with "mp\" in it.

Do not try to place the single *.gsc files directly inside your "Best Mod Ever\". It will not work.

If you own a packed mod (*.ff format), place them inside the "mods\" directory (not within ANY other directory).

Q: When I close the game, I get a WIN_ERROR.
A: /care, click OK and close it. Sometimes taskmanager is necessary to fully kill the process. Has no priority at all.

Q: When I run ItsModsloader.exe and Black Ops crashed before ("Do you want to reset your config?" question) and I click away the popup to fast I get a Fatal Error.
A: You started the game before the dll got fully loaded and therefore it crashes. Wait until the loader is closed and then click Yes/No/Cancel (I recommend No).

Q: I want feature X!
A: Go to ItsMods.com and ask for it in the right section.


VAC2 DETECTED - use in private matches with sv_vac 0
Want to play legit after that?
  1. Close the game.
  2. Close Steam.
  3. Restart Steam.
  4. Start the game without any hacks loaded.

Complete re-summarise ;

Read the "README.txt" file given in the .rar
Directories should be as such :
ItsLoader/mods/(Mod Name here)/maps/mp/gametypes/*.gsc

  1. Open ItsLoader.exe
  2. Login using your ItsMods username and password
  3. Start Black Ops. If it prompts you to start in safe mode, close the loader and open it again after starting black ops (I think?)
  4. Host a game with sv_vac set to "0"
  5. Once the game is loaded, press insert and select the mods using the up / down arrow keys. Selected mod with be coloured green while the rest are coloured blue
  6. Press the right arrow key to make your selection
  7. Open the console (~) and type "/map_restart" without quotes
  8. Have Fun Smile

thanks to xComplicit for his effort writing this little how to for all dau´s

This tool is made for ItsMods.com
Copying without permission is not allowed.

This tool is not designed to work with TeknoGods BOLoader. If you want to use this, either pay for the game or encourage Skidrow AND WhiteLion to update their codes. I already sent WhiteLion a mail about this but he didn't respond. Don't come here and whine about your failure in understanding (last 10 pages were 5 pages of someone saying "DOES NOT WORK" and then a member responding "BUY THE GAME; IT DOES WORK"
is the file size still restricted like someone told me? i forgot who but someone told me the file size has to be like exact or something
Now how do i rank hack mod XD

hea bedankt hea neusz Wink
Filesize limit was in the version I had on the release day.
nice one, just waiting for the /connect cmd patch and LobbyTracker is back in business
that would be awsum!

got 1 ask for nova

how did you able to inject it in a ranked server?
Rly nice one Smile
How could you make it bypass vac though? wait for agentgod or something :p?
Wonderful tool and works like a charm when you join your own private match, but do you have to extract it to a specific folder? I was running it from my desktop.

The rank boost is only temporary and money boot does you no good as soon as you go to join a rank server. Do you have a work around for it?

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