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Just to inform you, this is more a glitch than a Hack, so be prepared, this will be patched in the near future.

Step 1 - Get to level 50 on Combat Training.

Best combat training settings to use:

-Team death match
-3 vs 9 (me being on the 3 man team)
-use the 'Nuke Town' map
-set killstreaks to Attack Helicopter, Chopper Gunner and Gunship.
-Difficulty set to Recruit

Step 2 - Once at level 50 get a friend to host a Party in the multiplayer 'Player Match' section.

Step 3 - Once your in your friends party, Go to playcard and hover over the prestige button.

Step 4 - While your still hovering over the prestige button, get your friend to switch to 'Combat Training' section.

Step 5 - When in 'Combat Training' click on the Prestige button and then click 'more info'.
note, this may or may not bring up the emblem screen, if this does appear just click cancel, dont save and continue.

Step 6 - Once you selected 'more info' get your friend to switch back to 'Player Match'.

Step 7 - Continue with the Prestige prompts until you get your new prestige icon.

These steps can be repeated as many times as you want until you reach to prestige 15.

Thank me by pressing the Thanks button if you liked it

Thanks for sharing. We don't need the colorspam though. Makes the post unreadable.

Only for ps3/xbox360, but thanks.


Old and outdated, not to mention it's for consoles.

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