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Help MW3 (External) Console - TeknoMW3?
Hey Guys,
Since 4D1 MW3 shuted down, im looking for a new way to use baratas console.
His console worked for 4D1 and Steam but it doesnt work for Tekno :// The Game is always crashing, when im trying to inject a command.

I've seen theres is a console with ''rcon'' already in the game, but my commands do not change anything.

I hope somebody can help me with this. So theres is may be a way to get it work?

-And maybe Barata is going to make a External Console for Tekono, cause i dont want to get banned in Steam using this Big Grin (happend one time :S)

----Falls ein deutscher das liest und eine Antwort hat, bitte auf deutsch antworten Big Grin----

~Thanks alot!!!
Hier wird nur die Steam Version unterst├╝tzt, kauf das Spiel oder such ein Forum, welches Tekno unterst├╝tzt.

We only support the legit version of the game, buy the game or search for a forum that supports tekno.
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