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[Release] Black Ops Texture Installer V3
About: Texture installer v3 is the latest official THT software for installing custom texture files. This installer supports installing of every modded file (skin, camo, texture hack, etc..)
Installer currently works only on CoD:BlackOps.

How to use: Place your modded .iwi files in 'Custom Images' folder, start Texture Installer v3 and press 'Install Textures', wait till confirmation message pops out and you are ready to play.

VAC: Valve Anti Cheat can detect texture modifications, but at this time we do not know if you will get banned for using them. Texture Installer v3 does not modify any existing file, it uses iPaddie's* exploit.

Software requires .NET Framework 4.0


House - Coding, Idea
THT (Archangel, Seba and Xscapism) - Support

I found this on ****h.net, and it seems ppl have problems with texture installing so I thought this would be helpfull. Hope you guys like it Wink

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.rar   Texture Installer v3.rar (Size: 638.97 KB / Downloads: 123)
already posted

but thanks for your effort
~moved to archive

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