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Release Bad Company 2 external ESP v2.5 - passive esp
YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR OWN ACTIONS! You use this and any other program you download from the internet at your own risk.

DETECTED AS OF 03/10/2011

DONT SAVE THIS HACK INSIDE THE GAME FOLDER! (put it somewhere else on your hdd)
PB is scanning inside the gaming folders!

Quote:Hello guys

Updated the hack a bit so here is the update.

- PB DETECTED AS OF 03/10/2011
- PB Screenshot Proof
- external

PS: old versions are still undetected (you can still use them if you don't need any of the new features)

Thanks to silverfish and scrapdizle for testing and
lending me a helping hand with my radar problem.

All changes and needed info should be included in the readme.

So here it is.

[Image: LUYufQ.jpg]

* *
* BC2EXT V2.5 by batfitch *
* *
* *

CHANGELOG v2 to v2.5:

- added radar
- added support for steam version of the game
- hopefully fixed bug regarding fullscreenmode where esp was not drawn when you move mouse to enemy
- added shadow effects to esp
- added crappy crosshair :p
- added distance to esp
- loader auto closes after injection
- few minor changes


- make sure you are on win7 or vista with aero design enabled
- start a (host) process with admin rights (for example firefox.exe)
- start the loader with admin rights
- select the the (host) process (in our example firefox.exe)
- press go!
- a console window should pop up (the hack is now active)
- the loader should auto close
- the hack will now run inside your host process and wait for the game
- start BC2/VIETNAM in windowed mode (to get windowed mode press alt+enter in mainscreen)
- you should now see an orange text in the top middle of the screen (means hack is working)
- when you join a server the hack will get disabled for 2 sec and
then reenabled (this is because punkbuster disables aero mode)
- if you want to use the fullscreen mode (HOME key) feature make sure BC2 uses
the same resolution as your desktop


- PAGE UP >> increase radar range (radar range is shown right under the radar)
- PAGE DOWN >> decrease radar range
- HOME >> toggle fullscreen mode (make sure BC2 uses the same resolution as your desktop)


Q: I get weird error about msvcr100.dll?

A: You need the Visual Studio 2010 Runtimes.
LINK: http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/en/de...laylang=en

Q: I get weird error about d3dx9_43.dll?

A: You need the latest DirectX Runtimes.
LINK: http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/en/de...laylang=en

Q: My game hack lags like hell. What can I do?

A: 1. Open"..\Documents\BFBC2\settings.ini and change DxVersion=auto to DxVersion=9.
2. Decrease BFBC2 grahics settings like Shadows, HBAO, Antialiasing, Anistrophic Filtering
3. Disable Transparency in Windows. PIC: http://c0066373.cdn2.cloudfiles.rackspac...8UpBan.png

Q: When I join a server the hack gets disabled?

A: It seems you did something wrong.
Make sure you run the host process and loader with admin rights.
It may also help to disable User Account Control in Windows. PIC: http://cdn.screensnapr.com/images/RU7Iim.jpg

Q: I get a Whitescreen, what can i do?

A: It seems to be a DX11 problem, goto ..\Documents\BFBC2\settings.ini and change DxVersion=auto to DxVersion=9 or DxVersion=10

batfitch - coding
silverfish and scrapdizle - testing and lending me a helping hand with my radar problem

Attached Files
.rar   bc2ext_v2_5.rar (Size: 302.82 KB / Downloads: 88)
[-] The following 1 user says Thank You to d0h! for this post:
  • Gabbiizz
Aw d0h, I thought this was your private one.
[Image: 111ix.jpg]

[Image: skrmklippw.jpg]

Hmm, this is why you are every day on BC2.
well only a few minutes every day
Sorry wrong Status

It is still Safe!

DETECTED AS OF 03/10/2011

Happens if they don't release the code to let anyone change stuff.
They add the exe to the database in PB and you're banned.

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