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Release Addon Update 24th June
Server Addon updated for latest server update (1.9.433). Future Addon updates should be able to be released with in a day.

Hopefully the XUID bug is fixed. I haven’t been able to test fully as I haven’t had unlimited hours for testing.

I will also get the Autoupdater back up in the next week or so. The Linux fix I have not forgotten about and will also attempt to have this sorted very soon.
Linux Fix released by @zxz0O0: http://www.itsmods.com/forum/Thread-Rele...Addon.html

I have skimmed though the bugs you guys have posted but (with all respect) after the last release a lot of people posting were just asking questions that with halve a brain should have been able to resolve. Also the bug threads were hard to read. IF there is real bugs (like the XUID) please send me a PM with as much detail and I will do everything I can to correct it in a timely manner. I get notified on PMs but not always on here to see new threads.

Also as a few people have posted my main focal point is the Promod plugin. Games have a long life because of competitiveness. I’m not saying all the other really cool plugins are not important to me , they are , they just sit lower.

Thanks for the ongoing support.

One more thing, giving me a +rep would also be nice everytime you download the addon.

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.zip   Server Addon DLC2.zip (Size: 77.75 KB / Downloads: 1,993)
Thanks @Cyanide.
Closed and stickied.
For help/bug reports/complaining go here:

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