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Preview idf character import to blueshield.
hey, here is a screen shots from BlueShield mod (new TC mod)
this is an IDF solider character model that we created, and it was converted from our previous mod for COD4
still need to improve rigs and textures but looks not bad.

tell me what you think.
I'm still looking for coders, modelers and texture artists to help us, thanks tom.

oh.. and i didnt add the hands yet lol Tongue
added a render of the head+ helmet model of this character

Attached Files Image(s)
It's already rigged or not?
If so, pretty nice job except for the hands Tongue
(12-12-2012, 03:46)JariZ Wrote: It's already rigged or not?
If so, pretty nice job except for the hands Tongue

yea it is rigged only that i need to debug it there is few parts here and there that rigged to the wrong bone..
the hands are not hard to export i only forget.

thanks man, it looks good but we have to improve the detail on texture since the model was for cod 4 Smile

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