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Post your favorite steam skins
(05-24-2012, 21:36)SuperNovaAO Wrote:
(05-24-2012, 10:55)Yamato Wrote: @d0h! I want to see you playing Dino DDay with me OMA

Haha cool, I have that game as well!

Add me at steam: 247Yamato Big Grin We can play it toghether then.

[Image: veovuq.png]
LOL i didnt even know that u could install skins on steam .__.
(05-24-2012, 23:43)SuperNovaAO Wrote:
(05-24-2012, 23:41)AZUMIKKEL Wrote: ther is no crack 4 skrimjob wtf u talkin bot

Me no speak no trollericano.

Enough derailing, back to topic!

[Image: minimal_steam_ui_v3_8___netbook_compatib...3buxtu.png]

nice skin aswell, thanks
pixelvision skin users that are using the latest steam beta should install this fix


Quote:Careful, this update is for STEAM COMMUNITY BETA ACCESS users only!

Changes in 1.9 beta 2

Updated icon alignment fix for all languages.
Added icon alignment fix for Greek users.
Polished support alert notice.
Uninstalled items in Library grid view will now appear slightly faded
woh d0h, thanks a lot, pixelvision is acting really annoying now but i still freakin love the skin
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  • d0h!
(08-25-2012, 22:31)JariZ Wrote: woh d0h, thanks a lot, pixelvision is acting really annoying now but i still freakin love the skin

yeah me too, btw there is finally a proper fix because the last patch was still bugged.

[Image: jwClJ.jpg]

Quote:Updated to version 1.9 beta 3 - Steam Community Group

Quote:Careful, this update is for STEAM COMMUNITY BETA ACCESS users only!

Changes in 1.9 beta 3

Fixed alignment issues in the main interface.
Updated icon alignment for all languages.
Added the Community's mini-tabs implemented in the last Steam update.
Added the ability to fade uninstalled items in Grid view via settings.ini (disabled by default).
>> Download version 1.9 beta 3 <<

The new mini-tabs introduced are a bit of a nightmare for PixelVision's layout and design. I left the tabs in the order they used to be (I didn't swap News and Community like the Steam update did) and managed to find space for them to the right of the Community tab. It's not perfect as lower resolutions and certain languages with longer translations might end up having width constraints (especially since it looks like there will be an added GreenLight tab there as well once that's released) but it's all I could come up with on short notice. I'll try and find a better solution at some point though.

So why not just underneath? Because those who display the Steam URL bar will have it running into the tabs if I place them underneath. And if I try and squeeze them in between it looks seriously cramped. So needless to say, I'm interested in any feedback regarding the new mini-tabs.

I ended up opting in to the Steam Client beta as well, so I have no idea if this recent update is community beta or client beta related.

But here's to keeping things simple - if your Steam's messed up, get this update!

ps: thanks The Kins for providing a temporary fix!
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