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News Battlefield 3 on Steam, according to new evidence
Battlefield 3 on Steam, according to new evidence

[Image: steam-battlefield-3.jpg]

On October 31st, 2011 in News

Quote:Weve heard a few times before that Battlefield 3 might make its way to the popular game service Steam, with EA and Valve reportedly in negotiations over the past month. Now new evidence has emerged that might give us some hope in seeing Battlefield 3 on Steam after all.

The new evidence comes from the latest Punkbuster update, which includes a new install directory at C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\battlefield 3\, in addition to the Origin install directory. This is by no means a conclusive piece of evidence, but it does bring some hope in seeing Battlefield 3 on Steam in the near future.

EA has released Battlefield 3 on dozens of digital distribution services, with the exception of Steam, which places restrictions on publishers regarding downloadable content and expansion packs the main reason EA decided against offering Battlefield 3 on Steam.

Via Kotaku. Thanks, Will!

i also wondered if it will be available on Steam before i read this article according to a newsletter that i received from Sapphire (Graphic Card manufacturer) where they are giving free copies of BF3 away randomly. In ToS they stated that these Keys need to be activated on Steam.

[Image: unbenanntbey.jpg]

So nice to hear and hope they will add it soon!


That Sapphire Manufacturer spells horribly. Doesn't seem legit.

I hope this happens though!
..but will Origin buyers receive a key?
YouTube 1:Azumikkel- Modding
YouTube 2:DerpShark- Gaming Entertainment
Contact: im[at]

not legit? why?

i only bought sapphieretech cards and it is legit
i highly doubt that you will get a key from EA usable on Steam

Sapphire gives all their games away via Steam.

I hope this is true
[Image: lQDUjba.jpg]

Well IDK who sapphire is. With the horrible spelling it just doesn't seem too professional.
YouTube 1:Azumikkel- Modding
YouTube 2:DerpShark- Gaming Entertainment
Contact: im[at]

(11-01-2011, 16:43)OrangePL Wrote: I hope this is true

C++/Obj-Cdeveloper. Neko engine wip
Steam: Click

one of the best graphic card manufacturers, HQ in Hongkong, and its often a bit weird if someone translate from chinese into english, ever read manuals in the past?

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