When someone needs help on itsmods do you help?
Yes, I help any1 as much as I can!
It depends, Im usually to lazy to do mods that people request.
Yes, but only people I know\have good status here on itsmods. I dont help just any1 new for example.
Yes, Id like to help as much as I can but I dont have the knowledge to help as much as I would like to.
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How to get models working?
Hi, Im trying to edit the helicopter the player uses when in gunship. I can so far only change the heli to huey (multiplayer light) and cobra (light and dark) any other models like t5_helo_huey gives me defaultvehicle. Or the care package helicopter also turns into default vehicle. How do I use these models? I tried changing the models in the gsc but its like if the models werent in game or something cause it truns to defaultvehicle. Is there some special way I have to do in order for the game to load these models? In that case how?
Because some models don't have some tags.
Also you need to precache some models.
C++/Obj-C developer. Neko engine wip
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(04-27-2013, 11:22)SailorMoon Wrote: Because some models don't have some tags.
Also you need to precache some models.

Ok I got it I precache the model and then? What do I do with the models without tags? I really wanna fly that Huey what do I do? BTW The gsc script already precaches the models. How do I fix this tag thingie?

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