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Help Force players to a class upon connection + more
ok so what i am trying to is make a video for youtube, and for people to co operate, i think it is necessary for them to be forced to have a certain class...

there are going to be a total of 7 people (not including me because im recording lol)

the 1st 4 are going to have no weapons at all...
self takeAllWeapons();

the next 2 are going to have asp's only
(dont know the code for that one lol)

and the last one is going to have a m1911 only
(idk this code either lol)

also, is it possible for the host to control when people can shoot? if so, could you tell me that too? plz and thx

Sure you can force specific class and rank lvl ect. Same as for weapons but shooting nope. You may as well get your self enough yarn to throw a lasso around the moon, and give it to your significant other.

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