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Help About _rank.gsc and Modtools
I was wondering (newbie at moding, starting to learn want to become better Smile)

I was looking at the guide for gsc moding tutorial and that says to use _rank.gsc,
i am curios can i get that through the mod tools?
If i can/not get that through the mod tools, that tutorial was made for use with the modloader, which is now out of date so to say.
How would i make a proper folder(mp_isnipreclx for example, lame name XD) and then gametypes folder and all that, as i was just looking and trying to figure it out through other mods, but to no avail.
Thanks In advance.
what your best off doing is finding a really small mod here and seeing how the structure is laid out.. then alter it thru mod tools once you feel comfortable.
One option you have now is to code it as new (g_)gametype and place your initialization script in maps/mp/GAMETYPE.gsc

Then only include your own custom files there. Also add your new gamemode in the allowed gamemodes textfile.

For 2 examples of this method check the "official" HnS and Juggernaut mod shipped with the tools.

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