Poll: Would you participate in the making of this mod?
I like the idea, but I don't want to mod Cod4.
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Operation modtools
Most of us are very familiar with the fact that game companies don't want to release mod tools, in order for them
to gain more in the downloadable content.

So, I had this mod idea that I wanted to share with you guys.
I'll make a poll to see if someone's interested in making it.

I'm really bad at explaining, so feel free to ask if you're not sure if you understood or not.


(07-29-2012, 13:23)Ich1994 Wrote:
(07-27-2012, 20:14)Rendflex Wrote: Bump!

Could you make a list @ first post who want to participate


Perhaps @Lemon since he's planning on modding CS:GO
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(06-24-2012, 20:59)Rendflex Wrote: Yes, Cod4 is really old, almost 6 years has passed since the release of it. But people still play it.

/care looks the same as CoD 5, CoD 6, CoD 7, CoD 8 and the upcoming CoD 9.
[Image: whatwhat.gif]
[Image: didnt-read-lol.gif]

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let me steal all pieces of modtools.... Troll
C++/Obj-C developer. Neko engine wip
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Cod 4 isn't even 5y/o yet. Get your facts straight.
[Image: MaEIQ.png]
just realize that modding wont happen again due to the fact that big companies like Activision wont let you have free content anymore (is my spelling correct? LOL )
What about the new sdk coming with cs:go?
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  • Arteq
Yea, No.
(06-25-2012, 00:21)Lemon Wrote: Actually, i did. Don't you think that it's a little bit too late and meaningless?

Well, it's quite sad that we can't mod MW3. But no, not too late.

(06-25-2012, 00:21)Lemon Wrote: What about the new sdk coming with cs:go?

That's an exception, indeed.

(06-25-2012, 09:32)d0h! Wrote: offtopic:
blablalkblabl unrealted stuff blalbalb
(06-24-2012, 21:17)SuperNovaAO Wrote: whatwhat.gif
(06-24-2012, 23:06)surtek Wrote: /tldr

(better shoop your avatars...)
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