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Any1 hes working on a mod injector?
well i start if there is a loading progam...
only nova has a modloader yet. so pls be patient and wait
Or figure out how to change DVARS in real time. The addresses are about. I'm limping through ASM tutorials but no luck as of yet.
You can't do anything with just DVars.
You can change existing gamemodes slightly but entire new ones will be impossible.
SuperNovaAO we wait you when you'll give us a modloader ^_^
so, how we can change our prestige, rank hax and cod points?

we will have an injector program or whats the solution to modifie rank, prestige and cod points?

Best regards,,
pls be patient and wait until the release it posted
(11-11-2010, 12:45)d0h! Wrote: pls be patient and wait until the release it posted

Should be a sticky about this.
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