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the big show-what-you're-working-on thread
Few rules
  • Game must be MW3
  • Not nescairly for the addon, but mostly from the addon
  • Can be whatever the fuck you think is cool and should be shared and made by you offcourse (look at the title)
  • Needs to be something ON the computer made by YOU
  • Screenshots or GTFO

BY - @zxz0O0 @zxz0O0 @zxz0O0 @zxz0O0 @zxz0O0 @zxz0O0 @zxz0O0 @zxz0O0 @zxz0O0 @zxz0O0 @zxz0O0 -

setplayermodel !

(it's a bit buggy though and has a few side effects)

[Image: 068941274688F96342EB28ABBDB8DB46B4E01087]
[Image: 5226BE534992E2F7764E926C2BBF4AB2E819215C]
[Image: 54AF1C3D24B379D8A1412BDA067E2ECB5EC38439]
[Image: 684211A482EC787035F5DCA0EF4D41D60EB9719C]
[Image: C63E0C72BBCDB0A21A135E76E0AE1D851EE137C7]
[Image: 06F8CE4602CAD3847A75C5DB112297ED5E72AEF2]
[Image: 299F6D024DDB09AD6D83D0E97756C36E323A907F]
[Image: 94A1348F5EF3A6FBBE760E92CBBB8E8159AE8B5C]
[Image: 5E1962A3AE77A3AB47F8AB843D85DDB7ABD7838D]

Bonus photo (by @JariZ)
[Image: 7CB7F7B421D0B0D107300D6A5C81987F3EEB7A67]
[Image: 35A245ABDEA6A2E57565D9D4E3A3472A40B330D0]
[Image: r212360a129ce9b84444093b6cd2699013a1fbn155.png]
well what the hell, here's another one
edit: changed name, feel free to post your screens Awesome

[Image: 6BC1A12BE3C77A6F1060FE8B2B27194A09C2E9C1]
Black Ops Mods:

RPG(rocket launcher) mod
Get the Specials

Old aliasses:


Fuck IW Dumb Bitch

Spawning models
[Image: 508A1ECABC9515B7059DCEFDB0D8E6790839767B]

Can also play sounds, but no pics for that :/
[Image: b_560_95_1.png]

I've posted a very constructive comment on @zxz0O0 's screenshot, I hope he found it useful. However, as the comment is so sophisticated, it can be only seen by a true gentleman. Like a sir
It's legit.

@Nukem can you spawn carepackages with physics?
YouTube 1: Azumikkel - Modding
YouTube 2: DerpShark - Gaming Entertainment
Website: Jensby.me
Contact: im[at]jensby.me
No more complaints about not being able to find a toilet on hardhat!

[Image: 028B678BE616F4AD2A7A77DFBA8F34B120CC40DD]
(XS4ALL/GoT2DayZ) DayZ Servers (http://got2dayz.nl)
[Image: b_350_20_2E3226_383F2D_D2E1B5_5A6C3E.png]
[Image: b_350_20_2E3226_383F2D_D2E1B5_5A6C3E.png]
[Image: b_350_20_2E3226_383F2D_D2E1B5_5A6C3E.png]
(04-12-2012, 22:54)AZUMIKKEL Wrote: @Nukem can you spawn carepackages with physics?

At the moment no. In the future? I do not know.
I've tried to look where functions modify origins but it's all just confusing as hell to determine how it's done.

*Same goes for collision
[Image: b_560_95_1.png]
Picture 1 (Click to View)
Picture 2 (Click to View)
Partial chams and timer Me Gusta
[Image: lQDUjba.jpg]

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