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Main Creator of Protect the King: Met PL
His second hand & Idea : Eekhoorn


There are 2 teams, the Guards (Inclusive the king) and the Ninja's.
When the game starts a counter will start and a king will be picked.
Straight after that another counter will be started and the first ninja will be picked.
We also changed the icons for teams.


Protecting the king from getting killed by a ninja.

Weapons: Guards start with a pistol, they can upgrade there weapon by getting kills, after a while they reach the best upgraded weapon. (Minigun)

Other: Last Stand Pro, C4 X2
Health: 100
Killstreaks: Mortar at 10 Kills, Napalm at 2 revives
Terminator mode: One guard gets randomly picked as a terminator during the match and will get the grim reaper.
Model: Flack Jacket model
Shop: In the map are randomweaponboxes & juggernaugh machines, by spending 500 points (from there score) they can buy one of these things.
Other facts:
  • -If a guard gets shot by a ninja he will respawn as a ninja.
  • -If a guard dies close-range with the king he will still respawn as a guard.


Killing the king.

Weapons: All ninjas spawn with a L96A1 Sniper Rifle
Other: The first ninja gets instant tomahawk on spawn.
Health: 200
Killstreaks: 2 Kills = Tomahawk, 3 Kills = RCXD, 5 Kills = Dog
Model: Guilli suit.
Other facts:
  • -If a ninja gets killed by the king he will return as a guard.
  • -If a ninja gets killed by a guard he will stay ninja.
  • -The ninja that kills the king, will be chosen as king the next round.

the King

Hiding/Staying alive

Weapons: A golden Crossbow with infinite crossbow bolts.
Other: A camera spike, Last stand pro
Health: 300
Model: Flack jacket model with a Motion sensor as crown!
Icon: A defend icon above head and on the minimap a green circle.
Battlechatter menu: The king can activate a ''aim'' operated shoutout menu by holding F, after that he has to point his view into the right direction to shout someting such as ''ENEMY", or "SNIPER".
Other facts:
  • -A king can't buy stuff.

  • -Increased health
  • -An easier gun-traject when guard, starting with an SMG + only need 3 kills for getting minigun.
  • -Ability to open the adminmenu.
  • -Icon above head showing they are vip's.
  • -Always have tomahawk on ninja team.

  • -Welcome text and little objective hint.
  • -List of features and playername.
  • -A newsbar showing off text and explaining the mod.

The host can open an mouse-operated admin menu by pressing '4' and standing.

Players -->
  • - Give Weapon
  • - Slay, Ban, Kick
  • - Say someting stupid
  • - Change team

Map -->
  • - Change map
  • - Change mode

Vote System:
This is a system that uses the textHUD from protectheking.
When you click this option you see a list of questions, for example:
Anal or front?
When you start the vote all players will get the question on there screen + buttons to answer:
Press X for anal, press 5 for front.
After all players voted the results will be shown.
Your able to add your own questions too.


Admin menu:
Admin votequestions ingame:
Ingame randomweaponbox:
Ingame picture HUD:
King Defending Picture:

This mod is easy to customize to your own like-ings by going into _rank's init().
and change the values:
level.KingWeapon = "crossbow_explosive_mp";
    level.ForceSpawningNearKing = true;
    level.MakeKillstreakWeaponsSwitchable = true;
    level.LaterComersSpawnDelay = 15;
    level.EnableGainingStreaksWithMinigun = true;
    level.EnableGainingStreaksWithGrimReaper = true;
    level.EnableHeadshots = true;
    level.EnableTomahawk = false;
    level.StayGuardAfterDeathRadius = 280;
    level.EnableGuardMortarKillstreak = false;
    level.EnableGuardMortar_for_revives = true;
    level.Mortar_Needed_revives = 2;
    level.Mortar_Needed_kills = 10;
    level.EnableGuardNapalm_for_revives = true;
    level.Napalm_number_revives = 3;
    level.EnableGuardAirstrike_for_revives = false;
    level.Airstrike_number_revives = 4;
    level.EnableKnifesForGuards = true;
    level.MetIsTesting = false; //change to false to remove bots etc.
    level.KingHealth = 300;
    level.VipHealth = 200;
    level.NinjaHealth = 200;    
    level.TerminatorHealth = 550;
    level.Bots_Number = 9;

Because we are lazy we didn't added a randomweaponbox & juggernaugh on every map. If you'd like, add them for different maps by setting the coordinates in _rank.
When your done please send us the coordinates and we will update the thread.
    wait 3;
        case "mp_mountain":
            level Mountain_objects();
        case "mp_radiation":
            CreateRandomBox((-11,9,-18), (0,0,0));
            CreateJuggernog((1328, -821, 129), (0,0,0));
        case "mp_nuked":
            CreateRandomBox((-1251, 228, -58), (0,0,0));
            CreateJuggernog((597, 437, -58), (0,0,0));
        case "mp_hanoi":
            CreateRandomBox((1402,-1657,-62), (0,0,0));
            CreateJuggernog((-535,543, -61), (0,0,0));

other info by MET :

You can make custom votes if u r host by using scr_bot_difficulty dvar, for example if u type scr_bot_difficulty "r u gay?|yea|nope|fuck you"
question will be "r u gay?"
answer 1 will be "yea"
answer 2 will be "nope"
answer 3 will be "fuck you"

adding admins:
    addToSpecials("110000102e7191e", "admin && vip && noSc2roll && tomahawk"); //Met PL
    addToSpecials("11000010313087d", "admin && vip && tomahawk"); //Eekhoorn
addToSpecials("110000102e7191e", "admin && vip && noSc2roll && tomahawk");
means that player with xuid "110000102e7191e" will get acces to mouse operated menu + vip features + free tomahawk on spawn

if u dont know your xuid you can use self iprintln(self getxuid()); in onplayerspawned to check it

If you download this mod, please give us a thank or +rep, or post a comment on your opinion =) it motivates modders to keep going Big Grin!
Yes great JOB! Smile
This is nice really nice maybe some video?
Finally released...
(03-04-2011, 15:34)alistair3149 Wrote: [ -> ]Finally released...

And whats with cmMod?
(03-04-2011, 15:30)Ivankec Wrote: [ -> ]This is nice really nice maybe some video?

Coming soon

learn read =), 4Fun is uploading one right now, + if you want you can also upload vids i'll add them in the thread
Btw...What is happening with Lost - -
How come his name changed to Lost2248...
(03-04-2011, 15:30)Ivankec Wrote: [ -> ]This is nice really nice maybe some video?
This mod is tested over a thousand times man - -
Hosting this as the first lobby on Modding Society.
(03-04-2011, 17:35)AZUMIKKEL Wrote: [ -> ]Hosting this as the first lobby on Modding Society.
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